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In a desire to impress the people who visit his workshop, renowned artist The Painter, employs a gardener to create an inspirational landscape which includes a labyrinth, an orange grove and Moorish-inspired fountains. They develop an intimate relationship and the Painter, whose life and talent had become increasingly dissipated, finds himself slowly recovering his original innocence and talent. However, the relationship is tainted by the Painter's jealousy when visitors express more interest in the magical garden and mysterious labyrinth than in the Painter's art. That jealously blossoms into deadly rage when The Painter catches the gardener changing one of his paintings.... Deirdre Quiery's compelling new thriller explores themes of love, life and deceit, and examines the lengths we will go to pursue and protect our passions.  

Guest Post:

1. In Mallorca I discovered that I am naïve. Before coming to Mallorca I was unconscious of what it means to be naïve. I grew up in Belfast during The Troubles – knew what it meant to live in a violent society where uncles were murdered, bombs placed outside the house and the family were taken hostage by the IRA with a cousin killed in the crossfire. I worked in the corporate world. Three company cars sat in the driveway of a semi-detached house in Oxford. I was a “corporate woman”. It was only arriving in Mallorca that I realised I hadn’t a clue how to understand a culture that is non-corporate.

2. How did that impact on you? When did you realise that you were naïve? It took time. Living during the first 18 months in an olive grove with no running water, no fixed line telephone, and no internet maybe didn’t help. I had to scramble down a mountain to buy a litre of milk and scramble back up again with the sheep for neighbours and oranges growing on the orange trees for friends. I realised that I was naïve when I allowed my husband to work unpaid for a man called J. J had been walking in Alcudia in the North of the island when a freak wave swept his two children out to sea. They hung onto his shoulders as he tried to save them and then slipped away as he was dashed against the rocks. That was true. What wasn’t true was that the reason his business failed was not the loss of his children but his incompetence. So my husband worked for over a year to help him and never received a euro. That’s naïve.

3. What other interesting fact about living in Mallorca impacted on your writing of The Painter?  Seeing Bob Geldof in a supermarket in Soller and nobody recognised him. I realised the beauty of not being known. I built that into The Painter in a paradoxical way. 

4. Having no water is essential to human life. Having too much water is dangerous. Living in the second olive grove the house flooded every year when the rains came. Then when the drought came there was no water. I realised that life is a balance of having and not having. That balance is in The Painter.

5. There are insane people close to my home and yet I see their sanity. There is a woman who always asks me for 1 euro and gives me a kiss. She sleeps under a bridge. I gave her a bag of my clothing. I saw her wearing my blouses and my leggings, sitting on the ground, smoking you know what. She pointed at the clothes saying, “They’re yours. Have you anymore?” I thought that was a wise question. 

6. I’ve learned to love Nature and also to be terrified by it. Mallorca is an island of intense beauty and also of immense energy. I see the beauty of Nature in the blossoming of a jasmine plant and also the terror of it in a storm. In March the Sirocco winds arrive and people commit suicide. People here are frightened by the wind. I love the wind’s energy and understand the fear it brings.
7. Mallorca for me is not a playground. It is an island of intense beauty and spirit. I came here to change. It has happened and you will read that in The Painter.

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