Q&A with Igniting the Shadows author Rebecca Jayne Heipel @TSW_rjh


Light is shed on the shadow of the unknown with tales of power, unwanted responsibilities, past lives and how it all came to be.

18 year old Lian and her best friend Bruce move to Switzerland to study abroad. While Bruce struggles with his feelings for Lian, she is pursued by the school jerk Darin. Lian's reoccurring nightmares push her to question both her friendship with Bruce and her own identity.

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What is the inspiration behind your book?

Most of my novels, this one included, is a mixture of a single thought, daydream or nightmare brought to life by my love of music.  I find music paints pictures in my head and that is how most of my stories come to life.  This novel, in particular, was also inspired by my desire to put movies into a readable format.  So that you too will hopefully have images that dance in your minds when you read it.

 What made you want to write?

I’m not sure I can trace it to one particular event or moment in my life.  I recall in grade 2 having to write a short story for a class assignment and that I wrote two of them.  I also recall, in the same year that our school library was quite small (I lived in a small rural town) so I partially rewrote books from memory and partially wrote my own to put in the library.  From there, writing has become to me a basic need as important as breathing.

 Who is your favourite character and why? 

Darin.  A friend really wanted to be in my novel as a bad guy.  So I created Darin.  At first, he had such an insignificant role but he grew wildly out of control.  I enjoyed adding characteristics to him that would annoy my friend Darin, but the more outlandish I made the character the more Darin loved him.

What advice would you give to other authors

Write.  Don’t talk about just do it.  Write every day.  Set a goal of some kind.  Either word count of time (I prefer time as word count is constricting).  Don’t’ think just write.  When whatever you’re writing is as done as you can get save it.  Make a copy of it and call that draft 2.  Then butcher the crap out it and write some more.  But of course, talk about it.  Tell people you trust, your pet, whomever about the story you want to write.  The more you talk about it the more alive it will become to you.

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