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An inspirational debut novel, If It Weren't For You explores the repercussions of revenge, the pain of truth and the discovery of love, intertwined with the moral dilemma of law and ethics. Eleanora cannot believe it - James is nothing what she'd expected to see after six years. He is poor, perhaps homeless. What went wrong? Determined to help him - see where life diverted from its course, she finds herself following him, and at the same time, remembering the past as she connects each dot... But there is something, she feels, haunting her deep down. Something, she knows, she had done. She is about to confront him for the first time when she hears him cry out in the stillness of the night. Before she knows it, she has become an eyewitness to an assault. James is battered unconscious on the ground. What could it mean? Now, more than ever, she must help. Whatever James involved in, the need to make amends is more profound. Because James wouldn't be in this dire situation in the first place if it weren't for her...



What is the inspiration behind your book?

The inspiration behind my book came to me as a train of thought one summer’s day three years ago. I had recollected an incident as a teenager, involving a boy who my friend needed help in meeting. She’d asked me to call him, arranging the date and time. As I was recollecting, a thought had sprung: What if it had all gone wrong back then? What if I created a different fate for them all? That’s when I ‘envisioned’ the outline of my book. I’d run to type the first six chapters the very same day.
 What made you want to write? 

A number of reasons. First and foremost, to share something creative, and to give some inspiration to others. There is even some pretty good advice in the pages! Also I write for my love of literature and books, always having taken into account the encouraging words given by top authors who have shared advice and tips on how to write. If one is dedicated, you can accomplish anything. Another reason is, if I hadn’t tried my hand at writing, I’d have always wondered how it would be. I kind of owed it to myself.

Who is your favourite character and why?

I like characters who have overcome hardship and come out stronger for it. Like Jean Valjean or even Jane Eyre, I would say. So both my protagonists have gone through analogous hardships, one affecting the other. They strive for something better in their lives and learn to forgive the people who have wounded them in the past. The story is a journey, coming of age, spiritual, inspirational. 

 What advice would you give to other authors 

Do what I did: Focus on the novel you are writing. It has to be priority (After Husband/wife/kids of course!) I sacrificed some day to day routines, which I could forego without affecting anything or anyone, like meeting with friends on a daily basis and other outings, in order to finish my novel. Make sure you are enjoying the plot yourself otherwise you’ll just procrastinate and never finish. You can do it! 


About the Author:

Dorothea Neamonitos was born in London and grew up in Wembley Park and Edgware. After finishing school, she worked as a Sales Assistant while attending courses for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, in preparation for a teaching position she had already been offered in Greece.

Dorothea taught her Native Language to Children and Adults, from Elementary Level to Proficient, for almost seventeen years in Athens. During this time, she completed her Diploma of Higher Education in Liberal Arts (Byzantine and European Music and History) with Distinction.

In 2012, Dorothea translated her first book The Great Martyr Saint Catherine from Greek to English, opening the way to try her hand at fiction writing. In 2016, she began her first novel If It Weren't For You. It is her first completed novel.

Dorothea lives in Athens, Greece with her husband, Nicholas, and their five children.

Connect with Dorothea:

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