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Detective Sergeant Sam Batford has been lying low at a remote safe house in the highlands of Scotland. He's doing his best not to attract the attention of the enemies he made, on both sides of the law, during his last under-cover operation but Batford knows he’s just killing time until he's called to account.

Inevitably the sharks begin to circle and as Batford is called back to front-line action in London he’s thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse where it seems everyone is out to get him.

After having to endure a frustrating resolution to their previous undercover operation together DCI Klara Winter from the National Crime Agency is determined to prove that Batford has crossed the line into criminality and finally bring him to face justice.

All Sam Batford wants is to outwit his enemies long enough to stay alive and come out ahead of the game.  



I look up and see a red Kite hovering over the fields looking for prey. I throw the rat towards the open area of grass.

 As I do, the sound of an engine enters my senses. It’s a car not an agricultural vehicle. I move further into the wood and crouch down. The dyke wall hides the driver’s window but I can see the red roof. It’s a post office van. I hear the engine stop outside my cottage, the metal cattle gate open and close then the sound is repeated, the engine fires up then fades as the car drives off down the hill towards the farm. The silence returns. I wonder what’s been sent. I only get mail from my employer. It’s never good news.
I raise a corrugated iron strip that lies abandoned on rotting vegetation within the wood. I dig down using an old spade propped in a lean-to wood store. The spade hits metal. I clear the remaining soil by hand. The earth’s crumb disappears through my fingers. The lid opens. The money stares back at me. It’s all neatly bound and secured in waterproof bags. I break a seal and stroke the cash, grab a fistful of twenty-pound notes and close the lid. I replace everything, as I’d found it. 
As I leave, I look back and check its appearance. It looks like a derelict area of wood where a tenant dumps his shit. The cocaine can wait. I observe the road before I leave. It’s quiet save for the Limosin bull observing me from the field opposite. Rain is beginning to fall, as the sky turns black. I grab some logs from the wood shed before entering my temporary dwelling. The only mail is a plain envelope and some flyers the postal service have to deliver. I have no need of continence pads so dispose of the paper as firelighters. The flame envelops the logs and I sit back and rip open the letter.
I’d rather read a Dear John. It’s from the promotion board. I’ve passed the Inspectors exam. I throw the letter on the fire. The paper’s a poor grade and the fire starts spitting. I have five years to complete the rest of the process.


About the Author:

Ian spent twenty-seven years as a police officer, the majority as a detective within the Specialist Operations Command in London. A career in policing is a career in writing. Ian has been used to carrying a book and pen and making notes. Now retired, the need to write didn’t leave and evolved into fiction.

Rubicon is his debut novel published by Fahrenheit Press and Stoned Love the second in the series. Rubicon has been optioned by the BBC for a six part TV series. 

He now lives in rural Scotland where he divides his time between family, writing, reading and photography.  

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