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As a psychiatrist, Nadine Lavoie wants to help people, but she has dark troubles of her own - some she can't even think about and some she can't even remember.

When a distraught young woman is taken to the hospital where Nadine works, it triggers horrific memories for Nadine. Digging deeper, she forces herself to confront her past and the damage done to her when she and her brother were brought to a remote commune as children.

What happened to the innocent girl she once was? Why was her family destroyed? Nadine has no idea that by asking these questions, she will put herself in a danger she could never have imagined.
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Review by Hannah:

Have you ever had that feeling someone is watching you, but when you turn round no one is there?

Do you ever have that gut feeling that something is just not right?

Nadine Lavoie has that feeling. But for Nadine, it could be more than a feeling..............

After experiencing an attack outside her home, her husband dying and her daughter missing, Nadine felt a change was needed. So Nadine moved house and started work in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit.
It was to be her work with a young woman, called Heather, that was to change Nadine’s life forever.

Heather is admitted to the hospital after attempting suicide and Nadine is required to assess her. On initial meet, there was nothing unusual to this case. That was until Heathers husband spoke about The River of Life Spiritual Centre they used to be a part of, and most importantly the name of the man who runs it, Aaron Quinn. One simple name was to cause deep rooted and buried pain from Nadine’s past to rear its ugly head and set her on a path of discovery which she hadn’t even remembered existed.

Firstly, Nadine had to decide whether she could continue working with Heather in case of conflict of interest and whether she could remain impartial. This guidance came from her colleague Kevin Nasser and was to prove invaluable support and friendship for what was to come. They both agreed that she could continue her work with Heather.

Secondly, why did the name Aaron Quinn leave her feeling so anxious after all these years?

And thirdly, is someone watching Nadine?

What you do discover is Nadine had once lived in a commune (the same commune that would grow and be called The River of Life Spiritual Centre) with her brother and mother for several months before her father demanded they returned to the family home.

As you read about Nadine’s life you learn about her unhappy upbringing and how vulnerable she and her family were; perhaps not surprising to then read how someone like Aaron and his commune could manipulate that situation.

The first few chapters set the scene of who Nadine is and introduces all the people who are integral to the story and to Nadine herself. There is also a nice blend of her past and present running through the book which is told through each chapter. A particularly nice touch is the reader discovers elements of Nadine’s life and experiences at the same time as she does, and in turn shares the shock, pain and pleasure with her.

There is so much in this book that I defy anyone to not be able to connect with it on some level.

If you are looking for a book about love and death, mystery and murder, addiction and suspense, then this is most definitely a book for you.

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★★★★ ☆

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