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Ginny is a recently adopted teenager with autism. She has a new home, new parents, and a new last name.

Before Ginny arrived at her new house, she spent years living in danger with her birth-mother. Her world is a much better, safer place now, and everyone tells her that she should feel happy. But Ginny is stifled. Her voice is pushed down. Silenced. Bottled up for too long now. It’s ready to burst.

Ginny is desperate to get back to where she came from, back to what she left behind. Because something heartbreaking happened there—something that only Ginny knows—and nothing will stop her from going back to make it right. She’ll even get herself kidnapped.

Ginny Moon is an illuminating look at one girl’s journey to find her way home. In this stunning debut, Benjamin Ludwig gives a voice to the voiceless, reminding us that often we only hear those who speak the loudest, and there’s much to be learned by opening up our ears and our hearts.

Guest Post:

Sometimes when I’m angry or scared I like to turn into a Maine Coon cat.  Because Main Coon cats are wicked ballsy and no one messes with them.  So when I turn into one no one messes with me.  But messes doesn’t mean make a mess like you might think.  Mostly it means push and say bad things like when Michelle Whipple calls me four-eyes because I have glasses.  Man I hate that girl.

Anyway the way to be a Maine Coon cat is to first make your back go up.  Start with your shoulders going up to your ears.  Then make your back get a big bump in it and lift your lips so your teeth come out.  And make your hands into curly claws.    

The best part of being a Maine Coon cat is that you get to hiss at the person who’s messing with you.  Hiss one time real loud, and if they don’t go away then you step closer and hiss again.  It works mostly all the time.  But when it doesn’t you go for Hiss #3 right in their face so that your spit touches their lips.  And then they freak out.

Like one time Michelle Whipple was bothering me.  She said I smelled like BO which is an abbreviation for “body odor.”  I hissed at her twice but she still wouldn’t stop so I got right up to her and did it again, and when my spit hit her face she said, “You are a disgusting loser!”  So I said, “You just stop that, Michelle Whipple!  I am not a loser!  Losers lose and do not win!  And I win!  You should see my jump shot!  Plus I am not disgusting! 

My Forever Mom said before that I shouldn’t hiss at people because people are not animals.  And she is right, 100%.  But when Michelle Whipple teases me I feel like an animal.  It is like she’s making me into one.  I can’t help it.  So am I breaking a rule when I hiss at her?  I don’t think so.  Not one bit.  

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