Guest post: Author Doug Hauger on tolerance


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There is chaos and order...war and and and death and a realm that exists between it all. A realm called the Void. A place of honor, loyalty, duty and redemption. A world, where an immortal race called the Procuri, is sworn to uphold the laws where the "Realm of Four" exists. And two of its most esteemed Guardians are Maya and Hieronymous. Through conflicts with the polymorph Maldoror, a member of the Children of Non, and the siren like Abdiel, one of the ethereal beings known as the Maginites, they have been to heaven...and hell...and survived both. But in the end they are torn apart by that which could ultimately save them.

Their journey takes them beyond the human condition of the battlefields of Rome, the fall of Christ, a Chinese famine and the ship warfare of the Napoleonic era. It shows them the gift of life and the significance of death. It reminds them about what is forgotten and what is remembered. It is about the inevitability of change...and it all begins with a choice...

That is the LEPIDOPTERA.

Guest post: #Writing and loving #books by O.N. Stefan @olgaolha


Sleep then My Princess is an emotional thriller set in Arizona. While mourning the death of her husband, Senior Tissue Engineer, Stephani Robbins, is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locked up in a chicken coop. Meanwhile, someone is sending her creepy love poems, roses, and photos that have been taken without Stephani's knowledge.
As more photos appear, the police suspect that Stephani has hired someone to take these photos. She before she can convince the police to take her seriously she is kidnapped. While imprisoned she discovers why she has been having these visions and it is more chilling than she ever imagined. Can she make it out alive?

Guest post: A Howl for Mayflower by Dan Gilmore @SBPRA


Aging widower Tobias Seltzer prefers to spend his time with dead authors rather than live, but flawed, humans. That is, until the night Mayflower Bryant corners him in the basement laundry of the Coronado and persuades him to dance with her in his skivvies. Almost against his will, Tobias is drawn into the lives of his misfit neighbors - a grieving widower, a pregnant, homeless teenager, a one-handed juggler, a Vietnam vet left brain-damaged by a misfired suicide attempt, a woman on the edge of Alzheimer's - and discovers that all problems can't be solved by reading books. Sometimes, the only solution is life itself. Dan Gilmore's debut novel takes a darkly humorous, painfully honest look at this last-minute journey toward love and self-discovery.

Guest Post: being an author by Uta Christensen #amwriting @SBPRA


Taken by force by the Nazis from his German family, 16-year-old Janos becomes trapped in the last-gasp efforts of World War II. His years-long incarceration in Russian POW camps takes him to places of darkness, where he survives a near-death experience, and survives physical and emotional starvation in hard labor camps.

Though vast numbers of prisoners die, Janos comes to thrive as he finds friendship, compassion, healing, mentoring, and love as well.

Looking back at his experiences after many years, now a successful executive in Germany, Janos relates his horrifying and good experiences to a pretty young woman. She is drawn into his moving tapestry of shocking events that took place in POW camps deep within Russia, but shift eventually to uplifting experiences. This important story proves the saying that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Mini Book Review: The Grown Up by Gillian Flynn


A young woman is making a living, faking it as a cut-price psychic working at Spiritual Palms (with some illegal soft-core sex work on the side). She makes a decent wage - mostly by telling people what they want to hear. But then she meets Susan Burke. Susan moved to the city one year ago with her husband and 15-year old stepson Miles. They live in a Victorian house called Carterhook Manor, built in 1893. Susan has become convinced that some malevolent spirit is inhabiting their home, and taking possession of the stepson. She has even found trickles of blood on the wall. The young woman doesn't believe in exorcism or the supernatural, but she does see an opportunity to make a lot of money. However when she enters the house for the first time, and meets Miles, she begins to feel it too, as if the very house is watching her, waiting, biding its time.... 

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Illicit profits were all part of Zane Donaldson's work at a financial firm, but suddenly the stakes change when his family is violently abducted. Following a trail that was never meant to be uncovered, Zane realizes that with Quantitative Easing, the Federal Reserve is doing something no criminal has ever accomplished--and the catastrophic economic implications are worth killing over.

Together with a computer hacker and a seemingly helpful special ops warrior, Zane must decide between exposing the truth and preserving the financial strength of the world. However, only Zane knows the real truth and why it can't be revealed. The Federal Reserve isn't just about money. While it also involves domination and control, it all comes back to one thing.

The Reason.

Guest post and Goodreads giveaway: Little Jakey by Richard Edgley


Little Jakey, the greatest black panther of all time, has ventured deeper into the rainforest alone in search of adventure and excitement. Jakey finds himself in need of a house, but not just any home! He is searching for the best place he can possibly find. Finally, Jakey finds the perfect place, and all that's left to do is make a few minor improvements. Just what kind of house would Jakey want? Find out in the exciting new children's book Little Jakey's House.

Book Review -Targeted and Trolled: The Reality of Being a Woman Online


Published: October 2015
Publisher: Transworld Digital
Format: Kindle
Source: Netgalley ARC

A feminist campaigner is sent death threats online at a rate of over fifty-per-hour. A woman who shares on social media her experience of rape, so that others might feel brave enough to speak out, is bombarded with abusive messages. More than a hundred female celebrities have their personal nude photographs stolen and published by hackers. The victims of these stories of trolling and internet crimes have just one thing in common: their gender.
Most of us use the internet every day, but we rarely stop and think about the way we are received there and whether the treatment of women online differs from the treatment of men. As a Buzzfeed journalist, Rossalyn Warren has first-hand experience of the sexism and misogyny targeted at women online – the insults about their appearance, the rape threats, and in some instances even stalking.
In Targeted and Trolled, Warren exposes the true extent of the global problem. Informative, empowering and inspiring, this book is both a shocking revelation of the scale of the problem and a message of hope about how men and women are working together to fight back against the trolls.

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