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A festival in Nosaj’s honor has been interrupted by a mysterious challenger wearing the Circulus de Potentia, a band of gold that gives him unstoppable strength and power. One by one the Guardians fall and a race is on for Alex to go find the wizard with a secret regarding the curious symbol on the golden band. Finding this peculiar wizard named Pythagoras wouldn't be such a daunting task if it wasn't for the packs of wolves that roam the forest and a maze she and her friends will have to solve as well as a riddle fashioned by Daedalus himself. What awaits Alex in the Forest of Factors? Can Archimedes solve the equation in time? Can the Guardians stop this invincible challenger?

A symbol unknown, a riddle unsolved, a maze guarded by a monster, a race against time to find the secrets of the Circulus de Potentia and the most precious thing in the world.

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The fall season is just over the horizon and that means summer is coming to an end and hearts will be broken as men everywhere make selections for snuggling up through the winter months. But! You don't have to be left out in the cold, desperate and lonely, wishing for relief for your agonizing broken heart. 

Pocket Pep Talk: Get Over that Breakup, Today! is a new title expressly created to offer quick, sound, comfort, peppered with a lot of tough love, for those suffering from a broken heart. We've all been there and, sometimes, your grief lasts well past the patience of your loved ones, leaving you feeling even more alone as you try to pick up the pieces on your own. No more!

Guest post: Celebrity Madness by author Summer Fox



"Hollywood, by definition, is a lie," or so says "It Girl" wanna-be Alyssya Glenellen in Summer Fox's steamy new send-up of Hollywood celebrity, tabloid media, and books about Hollywood celebrity and tabloid media. Frustrated fashion model Alyssya is on the fast track to become Sweetheart of the Paparazzi, traipsing through a Wonderland of narcissistic leading men, egocentric directors, cut-throat actresses, neurotic billionaires, and addicted sports heroes. Unfortunately, someone keeps threatening to strip, strap, strangle, gag, bag, host, slice, and dice her. What's worse, she was caught by a photographer with a hole in her panties, and it's splashed across the "Scene" page of the Los Angeles Times.

Bookish Gifts: an etsy store feature and 10% discount!



Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful Etsy store called Bookish Gifts. The minute I heard about this store I new it would be something my readers would love so I just had to share it with you. 

Lauren, the owner of Bookish Gifts has put together a wonderful post showcasing her beautiful work. Keep reading and you'll find a discount for all my readers!

Book blogging: help getting over the reviewing slump?


Hello all! 

I hope you've all been doing really well. I've been on holidays for the past week. I had a wedding to go to in Turkey. I had a wonderful week, the weather was just bliss.

Before my holiday I had my diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis confirmed. I had an idea of what was going on. I have had joint pain for the past 2 years but consultants were reluctant to put a label on me until they saw visible swelling. Recently my fingers and ankles have started swelling very badly so that seemed to be enough for them.

Inflammatory arthritis is an autoimmune condition where your immune system over reacts and attacks the body's joints and organ linings. This means I will have to take chemotherapy drugs for the rest of my life. It wouldn't be as high a dose as a cancer patient would take but there are still some nasty side effects.

Guest post and excerpt: Sailor Uncovered by @MooDeere



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Would you take your twin's place if they were accused of murder? Sailor knows she is a survivor and her sister Catherine is not. The twisting story begins with the murder of a man who victimises women. Michael, the brother, makes it his mission to destroy Sailor and in doing so creates a maelstrom of chaos for her to navigate. Her only hope is to trust a journalist. Cliff can prove her innocence but that is not enough to stop Michael. Nothing will stop Michael. The complexities of this story will leave your head reeling with the implications and have you hanging on every word.

Guest post: exorcising your demons through #writing by Suzanne Dillon


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This is the story of a young woman living in the Midwest, attempting to have a peaceful, normal life just like anyone else. Coworkers and neighbors know very little about her, assuming her to be reclusive and odd. They are unaware of the gruesome secrets she hides from every day. There are a few, however, who do know her secrets, but they are missing one important detail... where she is currently hiding. For many years she has eluded capture, but her history is about to catch up with her in more ways than one. Not only is the darkness of her past about to ascend, her past will also become her savior. Loving Lily witnesses one woman’s struggle to overcome a terrible past and internal demons in order to be free to love and to live.

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I wanted to let you all know about a fantastic event that is happening in London on the 17th of September.  

Haley Hill will be reading from her debut novel It’s Got to be Perfect , which draws on first hand stories she encountered after a dramatic career change in her mid-twenties. Haley went from working in the pharmaceutical industry to becoming the founder of the Elect Club dating agency, the UK’s leading matchmaking agency. Anecdotes resulting from that time resulted in this cracking novel, which reached both No. 1 in the Amazon Humour and the Hot New Releases charts. 

Subscription box review: The box of lame by @thatlamecompany #thatlameco


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I was so happy to be chosen to review a new subscription box for That lame company . They offer the most amazing stationary, stickers, cards, phone covers and more.

You have the option to buy individual products from the website or you can sign up the the monthly box of lame. If you choose this service you will receive a mystery pack full of amazing products every month for only £11.50

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Man the F**k Up is a bedtime story for those in the real world today, where a white knight of strength and power protecting and honoring his fair lady is indeed left for the fairy tales. Before any guy or gal starts to count sheep for the night, Man the F**k Up is sure to provide a laugh or two on how times have’a changed.

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Start A Journey With A Enderman's Apprentice Who Can't Shift! Hi,I am Ronan the young Enderman they are talking about, and this is my story. I hope you will read it.

In the first book of this crazy adventure series, you join a Young Enderman whose primary focus is to join the Enderslayer Corps. A group of Enderman who have changed their ways to fight for humanity. Does young Ronan have what is takes? You'll be surprised at what you reveal in his secret diary.

Book review: Asking for It by Louise O Neill @oneilllo @QuercusBooks


Go Book Yourself | Book Review | 03/9/15

Book review Asking for it by louise o neill

Published: September 2015
Publisher: Quercus
Format: Soft back ARC
page count: 298

Thank you to Quercus and Hachette Ireland for providing the review copy

“What guy was going to say no if she handed it to him on a plate?...She was fucking asking for it

I was about 5 pages into Asking for it when I knew I wasn’t going to be able to put it down, that it was one of those books that would leave me racing to my computer to write this book review.

 It’s the start of the summer in a small town in Ireland. Emma is confident and knows she is beautiful. She uses her beauty to impress people. She adores attention and is only completely happy when all eyes are on her.

Emma is not a character that we are supposed to love off the cuff. She can be quite arrogant and in your face. I think this rams the point home even more. No matter who you are, whether you’re a saint or sinner, you don’t ask for this and you don’t deserve it.

I got quite angry when I read some of the reviews. One reviewer said she couldn’t feel sorry for Emma because of the way she behaved before the incident. Hello!!?? That’s the point. It doesn’t matter!

Guest post: Never give up on #writing by T C O Reilly


Go Book Yourself | 1/9/15

The story is about a man named Jacob(Jakes) Patrick Wallace who is sent back in time over various lifetimes. He thus carries knowledge of a global plague called the Husk plague, that causes people to go crazy and bloodthirsty, that will spread throughout the earth and that leaves only him with the power and knowledge to try and stop it.

 Throughout the book he deals with various people in his life including a love interest named Julia Baldacci and his younger brother named Andy. This first book mainly sets the scene of the oncoming plague by giving glimpses of the future in 2017 etc but mainly plays out over a period starting from 1995 up to date. The ebola virus which ravaged west Africa during 2014 plays a central theme in the book and helps to set the pace of the oncoming plague. 

The antagonist in the story is for the first part mainly played by a man called Rudansky who forms part of a larger group of people which is mainly referred to as the Company. The Company helps to set the scene for a larger worldwide conspiracy which dates back as far as the early 1600’s. With the VOC as the main background of this conspiracy, hence the settings in Amsterdam. 

Jakes however also starts to develop certain abilities which helps him to be stronger, faster and even some psychic abilities which helps him throughout the book from time to time. Later in the book it becomes clearer that even the main antagonist Rudansky is merely a puppet for the bigger threat namely a man called Lord wittenheer who is the creator of the company and who has lived since the 1600’s. 

Later in the book it also becomes clear that this man also happens to be the father of our main character unbeknownst to the main character though which is off course only revealed to him at the very ending of the book. The book ends with Jakes still in 2014 facing off against his father in a dream that he had, setting the scene for the second book which bring us closer to the release of the actual virus and the effect it will have on civilization, with the virus taking a equal but secondary role to jake’s main battle with the company who is still trying to reclaim the world as their own.

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