Guest post: Teaching children who have been bullied to see themselves in a positive light


School Bullying, kindergarten harassment and social media shaming decreases a child's' capability to see themselves in a positive light.

Our days reveal lots of social challenges and emotional journeys. The most vulnerable group are small children, children with special needs and anyone who deviates from the “normal” behavior/appearance that society dictates.

Strong self-esteem can be a child's armor against the challenges of the world. When children understand and accept their strengths and weaknesses, they can feel good about themselves. Moments of conflicts and pressures become easier to deal with. 

When a child's self-esteem derives from what others say or think about them – they can rapidly develop a low self-esteem, and roll down a slippery slope of misery. Life will be a mixture of anxiety and frustration.

Parents should help their children develop a healthy self-esteem by exploring with them their exceptional qualities, uniqueness and their "individuality-powers". Parents can support their children by implementing the understanding about the insignificant of "others" in the equation of "who we are".

Empowering children with positive thinking, teaching them about the ability to choose feelings, how to free comprehensions and to flow like a river. Internalizing awareness to this knowledge, can lead to happiness and love without self-hesitation.

We should never forget that every kid is special. In fact, every kid is a pearl on its own - an exceptional shining star, a little universe, full of emotions, thoughts and untapped creativity.

“Selfie” is a short book featuring 10 empowering children’s poems, written in a captivating and comprehensible style.

These rhymed stories will teach your child a valuable lesson: 

How to believe in and love themselves.

“Selfie” explores the children’s inner world, a strange combination of insecurity and self-confidence and reflects directly on various existential problems.

From the fascinating poems of the main characters, children will learn how to deal with what others are saying about them, how to cope with disappointment, how to be brave and believe in themselves in order to achieve their dreams.

“Selfie” is a poem book about… the self. The inner self of children - a universe, filled with sparkling imagination, creativity and inner passion - that needs to be loved and cherished. These 10 clear and flow-rhymed poems will help you and your child explore the fantastic world of the child’s mind and will teach your kid to

Love themselves for who they are.

Thank you to M Z Rogel for writing this heartfelt post. Selfie is available to purchase on Amazon

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