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After the Ball, Cinderella has a Very Busy Day. Having discovered the Prince is Anything But Charming, she leaves home for the City to Find A Lawyer and Sue her Step-Mother for the Return of her Father's Estate. On the way, she Finds True Love, has her Heart Broken, is a Victim of Mistaken Identity, discovers her True Love is True After All, and meets an Unexpected Ally in her Quest For Justice.

Includes seven full page colour illustrations

Guest post: writing "properly"

My book What Cinderella Really Did After The Ball started life many years ago as something I wrote for a friend who needed a fifteen minute stage play to produce for a competition. It has undergone more revisions that I can count and I am very proud of the final product. The wonderful illustrations really bring the story to life.

When I first started taking my writing seriously, I was pressured to “write properly”. I did try writing the beginning first, followed by the middle and then the end the ”way you’re supposed to” but just ended up miserable and having an anxiety attack whenever I tried to write. That experience formed my strong belief that there is no such thing as a proper way to write, or no set sequence that you must adhere to. It might take a few attempts to figure out what works best for you, but once you know stick to it and don’t let other “wiser” voices talk you out of it.

Yes, a story does need a beginning, middle and end, but there is no rule that says it must be written in that order. If linear is what works for you then go for it, but I can’t write like that to save myself. I write because something captures my interest and I build a story around whatever that is. The most interesting scenes come first, then I go back and tie it all together, so I’m hopping all over the place. In fact, I once wrote the last chapter of a story before I wrote anything else—and no-one who read it had the slightest clue it was done that way!

My current project is Blood Moon, which is the first part of the Del Chronicles and is set in the world just as we know it, only with magic and supernatural creatures a part of everyday life. Over the series, our heroine Del learns that no matter how bad things might seem, believing in yourself is the strongest magic of all and the only person who controls your destiny is you.

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