Sweet Tea and Southern Grace by Glenda C. Manus



Park Place, South Carolina is an idyllic, sleepy little town inhabited by folks dripping with Southern charm and hospitality. Rocking on front porches, drinking sweet iced tea out of heirloom glasses while indulging in a little innocent gossip is a way of life in this Southern town. Reverend Rock Clark is the middle-aged preacher of the Presbyterian Church in town and has made peace with the fact that he is “unlucky in love” and will always be a bachelor. He’s become quite comfortably settled in his life, but suddenly a serious car accident involving a mysterious young woman and her daughter throws him into the role of detective. Trying to track down the father of the five year old child while her mother is in a coma, he enlists the help of his neighbor, Liz, an attractive widow. While searching for the child’s relatives, Rock’s comfortable lifestyle becomes quite uncomfortable when he stumbles into a tangled web of deceit and a case of misguided intentions. 

When things finally settle down, Liz retreats to her mountain cabin when she realizes that her feelings for Rock have grown past the friendship stage. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and her absence has left him confused and baffled at how much he misses her. Will he once again let love slip through his fingers?

Praise for Sweet Tea and Southern Grace

"SWEET TEA AND SOUTHERN GRACE by Glenda Manus is just as warm, inviting, and hospitable as its title
suggests. I love the story itself. I really want to know these people in real life. Surely they exist! I love the cadence of their voices and the rhythm of their lives. The author has created a place where
everyone wants to live."

About the Author

About the Author: Glenda Manus lives in Van Wyck, South Carolina with her husband, and their cat, Theo. One of her greatest joys is having her children and grandchildren live nearby. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family. She has been inspired in her writing of the fictitious town of Park Place by her own small community and the people living there. She is the author of Sweet Tea and Southern Grace and has been thrilled with its success in the genre of Christian / Southern Fiction. Lighting the Way is the second novel in the Southern Grace Series. She is currently working on book number three.

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