Spotlight on: Terah Book 1 : The Covergence (Children of Tareh) by Ryan D Priest



Events are cumulating to the climax on another planet.

Derek is an orphan struggling to keep his sister fed and healthy, yet an event will shortly occur that will shake his worldview and place him firmly on the side of good.

Gresha wants to do right, but her quest for freedom has placed her into circumstances that are leading her down a path she never wished to go. It will take a strong will and forgiveness to draw her out.

Soffia is reaching the point in her life that she must either make her parent’s faith her own, or let it fall away and jump to what she believes will support her, but an interaction will bring her to her own convictions.

Cedrim believes firmly and tries to encourage others around him to believe as well. Hopefully when the promise of the great Emperor comes before his very eyes he will recognize it and follow it with all his might.

About The Author :

I am a 19 year old teacher. I have taught for two years on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and will be teaching in Pennsylvania next year. I was homeschooled most of my childhood and now have a BA in English. I am a Christian and am passionate about books, games, and children. I am an aspiring author and am excited to have my first novel for sale.

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