Spotlight on: The Fragile Fall At Tallow Bridge by Mark G Heath @tallowbridge



The Exalted and the Tainted clash in this tale of witchery, mystery, butchery and treachery. Aftlain is a village regarded as being at the edge of the world. It is a sanctuary for the persecuted people of Albion, who are blessed with certain talents. The intolerant High Church regards the village as a breeding ground for witchcraft, a haven for unholy behaviour and where the dark gods find favour. The Order of Allsaints, the zealous military wing of the High Church dispatches Steadholder Samael Thaindire. He is a witch hunter and is charged to journey to Aftlain and investigate the village and the whispering of witchery. If the High Church's concerns are proven, Thaindire is to deliver his judgement without mercy or restraint. However, sending Thaindire, one of the Exalted and a white blood, to Aftlain, may just be what its inhabitants want and need

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What readers are Saying:

"Marvelous and intriguing"

"Nefarious intrigue where witchery abounds"

"A Fantastic novel, grips you from the start"

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