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A mothers story was so harrowing but enthralling at the same time.

The story flits back and forth between past and present. However the present sees Jessica incarcerated in institution for people with mental illness who have committed a crime.

We see a woman who has been broken by her past and slowly we are taken back through the events in her life that led her to where she is.

Jessica has found her dream man in Matthew. They are newly wed and blissfully happy. They have a beautiful home and are thoroughly enjoying life. A baby is the next logical step. Her pregnancy is a breeze but the trouble starts during labor.

A difficult labor means that Jessica has to be rushed for an emergency section. When she wakes up she remembers nothing and feels nothing but confusion. Its almost as though her world has shifted.

As the story unfolds we can slowly see Jessica's slip into depression. New mothers are bombarded by the idea that they will feel a sudden rush of love when they see they're child for the first time. It must be so devastating when that doesn't happen.

Jessica never really bonds with her baby and begins to associate her with everything that's wrong with her life. To her husbands horror she thinks everything would be fine if they could just go back to the way they were. Not something a newly doting daddy wants to hear.

The story is both thrilling and chilling. There is a definite feeling of dread as the story moves past the halfway point. We know something is going to happen. Just not how or when and it really compels you to keep turning the page.

It's a hard book to read at times but you have to admire Amanda for taking on such a sensitive subject and I really hope it opens people eyes and gives them an idea of what post natal depression and other mental illnesses are like.

A highly recommended read



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