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Do you want to get  more blog views? You've come to the right place then!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to share some tips and tricks that have more than doubled my blog views over the past couple of months. I am a firm believer in helping other bloggers. I can't stand it when people act like these tips are some big secret! Sharing is caring!

So how can you increase blog views?

One way is to participate in twitter chats and parties. 

So What are twitter chats ? 

A twitter chat is where a person ( the host) will post a series of questions with a hashtag  which other twitter users can answer and use to get a conversation going. The host will usually favorite and re tweet interesting discussions for others to see. 

How will that help to increase my blog views? 

If you become a valued member of the chat by replying to conversations and posting interesting points related to the chat you will get re tweets followers. These will be high value followers as they will be interested in the same subjects as you and will be more inclined to click on your future blog posts when you post them on twitter. This in turn will dramatically increase your blog views.

At the end of each chat session people generally trade bloglovin links will follow each other. Again these are people who are blogging about similar topics so they will be more likely to read what you post and interact with you

Since joining twitter chats I have seem my blog comments almost double!

Remember though there is give and take and you should visit and comment on  other blogs too. I try and find a new blog to follow and comment on everyday.

So When are these chats on? 

Below is a list of twitter parties sorted by day. I've also included the day, time (GMT) and hashtag to make it easy for you to find them.


#bdib ( Bloggers do it better) . A general blogging chat. 7pm 
#Fbloggers (female bloggers) . A generally blogging chat for females. 8pm


#Bloghour . A generally blogging chat. 9pm
#bookbloggers . A chat about books and reading. 7pm
#everyblogger . A general blogging chat. 7pm


#Lbloggers . A chat on lifestyle topics . 7pm


#crazybloggers . A general blogging chat . 7pm
#ukyachat . A chat for people who like to read Young adult books. 8pm
#cbloggers (creative bloggers). A chat for creative people . 8.30pm


#bdib (bloggers do it better) General blog chat. 8pm


#socialbloggers . A general blog chat. 6pm
#everyblogger . A general blog chat . 7pm


#lbloggers. A lifestyle blog chat. 7pm
#blogchat . A general blog chat. 8pm 

If you host a chat and would like it added to this list just let me know in the comments.

Ok now go get chatting and increase those blog views!

Please share this post if you found it helpful!

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