Free read: Graphic Novel 700 Bullets by @Frozen_Echo


If you love graphic novels then you'll love 700 Bullets,  A story  in which a clone soldier from the distant future finds himself in a fantasy world 

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On Creating 700 Bullets:

Typically the process of creating a new page is spread over three days. I dedicate the first day to writing up the page based off of the notes I created on the overarching plotline. This is not where the writing portion ends, however. Throughout the creation process I will hop back into Word Online and edit and re-edit the dialog until - well - right up to the deadline.
The second day I dedicate mostly to laying out the composition of the page, so this include the number of panels, the order of the panels, and the shape and size of panels as well as the composition of the characters within each individual panel. This is all done in rough sketches. I then go back and do a more refined pass on the linework to make it clean and presentable.
Now, on to the third day and colours. Well, sometimes I will spend additional time on linework the third day as well if I have bitten off a particularly difficult scene to illustrate. Colouring each of the panels and adding in the word balloons are the last bits I will do. And there you have it - Page complete

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