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how to stop plagarism

Whether your writing for a blog, website, novel or even just for pleasure we all want to make sure that our work is protected. 

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a writer is to find out that their work has been plagiarized. All that hard work, planning and formatting to learn that someone else has claimed it as there own

What could be worse? Not knowing that's whats worse! People can so easily copy and paste your work without your knowledge. 

So how can we stop our work being plagiarized? 

Unplag is a new plagarsim detection engine designed to scan your work and check it against 16 Billion other pages online. If someone is claiming your work as there own it will be discovered.

So How does it work? Its ridiculously simple! 

Go to and create a new account

Use the Live chat facility to ask about a free trial.

Upload your piece of writing 

Click "Check for plagiarism" (It only takes 4 seconds!)

View your results

You can even download a full report at no extra cost!

If you decide unplag is for you then they have very affordable payment plans. You can get special yearly rates or even pay by month so you're not locked into any contracts.

I will be using unplag to check all my reviews in the future so watch out copycats! 

Do you have a product or service that would interest my readers? Why not spotlight it.

 Click HERE for more info.

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