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Today we have a great feature from Just kindle books. They want to help you find all the kindle books you could ever need for free! 

1) Browse the entire selection of free books with our simple solution–the links below take you to free books by category:
African American Fiction
Arts & Photography
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Money Books
Children’s eBooks
Christian Fiction
Comics & Graphic Novels
Computers & Technology Books
Gay & Lesbian Books
Health, Fitness & Diet Books
Historical Fiction
Literature & Fiction
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Books
Cozy Mysteries

Religion & Spirituality
Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance
Historical Romance
Christmas Romance
Romantic Suspense
New Adult Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Comedy
Science & Math Books
Science Fiction & Fantasy Books
Self-Help Books
Short Stories
Teen & Young Adult
Women’s Fiction

2) Search for Free: Another way to find free books on Amazon, is to simply search for the word “free.” Here’s how: go to the Kindle store at amazon.com, which is here: http://www.amazon.com/ebooks. Type “free” in the search box at the top of the page, then hit enter. The books that come up are refined by relevance, which is not going to be too helpful to you. Not to worry, if you look on the left-hand side of the page you will see a navigation menu that looks like this:

Click on “+See more” at the end of the list. This expands the list of categories. Now click on the category that you want to browse within.

3) Use Kindle Advanced SearchKindle eBooks Advanced Search is a great tool for finding ebooks by keyword, author or subject matter, and it also lets you find free ebooks!  The search page allows you to find books by keyword, author, publisher, and title. You can also use several drop down boxes to refine by reader age, language of the book, etc. The final refinement drop down box is labeled “Sort results by,” if you select “Price: Low to High” in this box, then hit search, the search results you get will be in order of free books first, followed by $0.99 books, and so on.
Here’s the best way to use the Advanced Search page to find free Kindle books. In the keywords box,  type your genre (i.e., romantic suspense, erotic romance, history, etc. ) or some keywords (i.e. healthy recipes, gluten free, etc.). Next select select “Price: Low to High” in the “Sort results by” drop down. Click the search button, and now you’ve got a custom tailored list of free books.
4) Bookmark this linkMaster list of free Kindle ebooks. Once you click through to this list, you’ll notice a few things. First, this page will show you the total number of free ebooks on Amazon at that moment. Look in the upper left of the page and you will see the total number. That number is highlighted in the screen shot below:

Next you’ll notice that the books are ordered by “New and Popular” which is similar, but not identical, to being in best-selling order. The books you want to read are probably not showing up on the page. So, to find the books in the category/genre you read, just click on a category in the left hand navigation (screen shot below).

When you click on a category, you’ll see the best-selling free books in that top level category. Some categories like nonfiction and romance contain many subcategories. You can drill into the subcategories with left hand navigation.
5) Get Library Books on Your Kindle: Many libraries let you check out ebooks for 1-2 weeks, and they deliver them directly to your Kindle, or to your Kindle app on your phone or tablet. You’ll need a library card, and online access to your library website. If you have all that, go to Overdrive.com. At Overdrive a map will appear with all of your neighborhood libraries. Click on one, and you will enter a special section of your library’s website that shows the ebooks available to borrow. Just browse or search for the title you want then click borrow to get started. At checkout, you’ll need to sign-in to Amazon and pick which device you want the book sent to. Additionally, Overdrive has first-rate app for android, iPhone, and other platforms. Here’s a link to the Overdrive app.

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