Review: Beware the Night / Deliver Us from Evil by Ralph Sarchie



Published: June 
Publisher: St Martins Griffin
Format: eBook

Ralph Sarchie is an NYPD cop who works as a demonologist and exorcist in his free time. He is a devout Christian and believes that everything happens for a reason, Gods reason. 

According to Ralph people become possessed from dabbling in black arts, being the victims of evil curses but mostly because it's "Gods will". I find it a little fucked up that any god would subject his/her people to things mentioned in this book! Ralph reckons that what happens to these people brings them closer to god but I'm not so sure..

I am one of those people who believed that these cases of demonic possession were actually mental health issues. When you read of cases like annaliese michel you'd have to wonder if she would had survived if the right people had intervened.

At least in this book Sarchie admits that the majority of people claiming to be possessed are suffering mentally and he does urge them to seek medical help.

Sp your probably wondering if this book is preachy? Well yes, it is. As much as Sarchie tries not to be ( he even states so several times) his ideals form the basis for all his opinions. The only way to avoid being possessed is to be a devout believer and go to church weekly and pray daily and if you don't your screwed!

The writing itself isn't great I have to say. It's very repetitive and the pacing is sluggish for for the most part.

Personally I didn't take the religious aspects too seriously and enjoyed the book for what it was: a collection of creepy stories. I actually had to stop reading it at night because it was freaking me out!



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