Product review: Kindle Voyage


First Impressions

Its extremely tidy. The screen is the same size as the Paperwhite but with less frame surrounding the screen at the bottom so you can actually hold it in one hand It's also noticeably lighter than the paper white. I have arthritis in my wrists and fingers so this is important to me. I can't even hold a paperback for any length of time anymore but I can comfortably read with this.


It took me a while to get comfortable with this as the frame is smaller i need to rest my fingers higher up. They still comfortably fit over the page sensors. The seamless design on the front works great I hated the dip in the paperwhite, it was nothing but a dirt trap!

The screen

It is much much sharper than the paperwhite. The font is crystal clear even on the smallest setting. The font and page settings are all exactly the same. It would have been nice to have one or two new ones though.

Page Turns

It might be me but I think it's a fraction slower. The text dissolves rather than fades so this also too a little while to get used to but I don't notice it at all now.

I have to say I hate the page turn feedback. Its is the only feature I don't use. It makes no sense. The vibration on the page turn is jarring and totally takes me out of the world I'm in! It can be turned off though so no permanent harm done!

Light & Brightness

 I find the light in the voyage to be much more even than the paperwhite which was a little blotchy at the bottom

Automatic brightness: I love this new feature and have it permanently switched on. The device is really good at recognisiing how bright or dark the room is and adjust accordingly so no eye strain!

There is quite a price jump from the Paper white to the Voyage but if reading is a big hobby of yours then it's worth it for the ultra sharp screen and page press . It really is the ultimate experience in eReading


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  1. Great review. I just bought my paperwhite last summer, and am quite happy with it, so I will probably wait a bit before buying a new ereader. I love that amazon keeps coming up with better and better technology!

  2. Nice Review. I had bought the Kindle Touch and I really enjoyed it. This one sounds really good as well.



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