The First true lie by Marina Mander


A review copy was provided by Hogarth in return for an honest review

The First True lie is narrated by Lucas, a strange and rather intelligent 6 year old boy. Lucas lives in an apartment with his mamma, who has tried out several different dads, but none of them have worked out. 

From what little we know about his mother she seems to be tired of love and tired of life itself. To the reader it seems like she is slowly slipping into a deep depression. Like many she goes to bed to escape the world. She never wakes again.

Lucas copes remarkably well with his mothers death. He always wanted to just grow up. Now it has happened.

Over the next fortnight everything appears normal. He goes to school. Does the food shopping and has play dates with friends. Inside he is struggling to deal with the loss of his mother and the incredible fear he has of being sent to an orphanage and having to abandon his cat, blue. He feels he should have been able to save his mother, if only he could have made her happy enough. I think this was the most heartbreaking part of the story. Lucas really believes that if had proved to his mother that he loved her enough, she would still be alive. Usually we focus on the love a mother has for a child but really, it goes both ways. A child longs to love its parents as much as the parent will long to love the child.

This was a one sitting read that unfortunately ended rather abruptly. The reader is saved from learning lucas' fate when his secret is uncovered. It is up to each individual to decide it for him. 

Readers who like a concrete ending may find this novel frustrating. No matter what your opinion Lucas is a boy who will stay with you long after the last page.


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