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"I love you."
Lilly's heart misses a beat when these words appear on her screen. Okay, she'd love to have a boyfriend, and when Ian sends her a friendship request, she eagerly accepts. He just looks so gorgeous in the pictures. But when she's about to meet him in person, things take a dramatic turn. Who is Ian really? And how far will he go to get what he wants?

1. Don't accept friendship requests from people you've never met.
2. Don't look at their photos.
3. Don't fall in love.

I am very happy to be kicking off the Cyber stalker book tour. The tagline really suits this book. It's a perfect read for the social media obsessed young adult. 

I see it almost everyday, young girls uploading provocative pictures with almost no thought in to who may be taking a peek into their personal life. Cyber staler goes one step further. It shows us what happens when the line between real interaction and online interaction is blurred. Ian's good looks and mutual friends lure Lilly into a false sense of security. He looks nice, he sounds nice and he says he went to her school. Everything is taken at face value by the young, naive teen. Popularity trumps risk every single time.

As in a lot of YA novels the characters can be a little one dimensional but I valued the message behind the story. Be careful who you trust. If you are teenager and a user of social media then this is a book you should read. It may be classed as fiction but this happens everyday. 

To celebrate the blog tour Fiction Addiction Blog tours are hosting a Giveaway. Enter below to win a signed Harry Potter movie script!

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  1. A new visitor to Go Book Yourself! Would love to win a signed Harry Potter script :-)

  2. Thank you for kicking off the tour Amanda.

  3. I love Harry Pooter! Would love to win the script!

  4. this is so cool! thanks for the giveawya :3

  5. What I great giveaway! I would love to win!

  6. What an amazing giveaway!

  7. A truly sensational giveaway for any and all Potter fans! Thanks!

  8. That's the most awesome giveaway, EVER! ;>


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