I am not a serial killer by Dan Wells


Argh it is sooo hard to write a review of this book without spoiling it! So far every review I have read has been referring to the spoiler as "the thing that happened" so ill continue in that fashion. 

John cleaver has always been obsessed with serial killers. This obsession led to him fighting to keep his inner killer from surfacing. There are certain traits that almost all serial killers have:

1) They are sociopaths who lack any sort of empathy
2) They are pyromaniacs, obsessed with creating and tending fires
3) They show the ability to be cruel to animals, even at a young age.

John ticks all of the above boxes. However just because a person shares these traits does not necessarily mean than he/she will become a serial killer. John hangs on to this thread of hope and creates rules that he must follow to avoid any sort of temptation.

His only solace, again lies in death as he helps his mother to prepare bodies in the mortuary. These corpses don't need him to have empathy or to show emotion. they demand nothing of him.

So up to this point this novel had great potential. I loved reading about Johns struggles with his inner demons. Then "the thing" happened. My reaction:

At this point the novel became to YA for me. Which is strange because the violence is rather graphic. It's not something a 12 year old should be reading! At the same time I don't think it's interesting enough to draw in the new genre of Adults who read teen books. So its in limbo really.

So, it was a little silly for me. Saying that I probably will read the next book because I want to see what happens to John as he struggles to not to violently murder people...


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