The truth about you by Susan Lewis


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A review copy was provided by Louise Page PR in return for an honest review

I waited a while before writing this review. I had struggled with guilt for a while as I didn't really enjoy it but I felt horrible about posting a bad review when someone had been nice enough to send me a book. However in the interest of fairness I felt like I had to post this. It does say in my review policy that my reviews will be honest and I have to stick to that. I certainly wouldn't trust the opinion of a blog that has nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews.

The truth about you started well and looked very promising. It's unusual for the main character to be "the other woman". I could feel good things starting to happen. The problem is they never really happened for me. 

I found the inclusion of 50 shades of Grey a little ridiculous. The behaviour doesn't fit well with that of a rebellious teen. Again I found the behaviour of her friend Skye too over the top. Nothing seemed to balance.

The novel ambles a long and doesn't really build any suspense or tension. I found myself getting really irritated with every character. I was hoping for some action when Lainey finally reached Italy but again it just fell flat for me.

There are some attempts at plot twists but I found them predictable and underwhelming. If you have been a long time fan of Susan Lewis then I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this instalment. There just wasn't enough too it to make it memorable for me.


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  1. I always struggle with writing less enthusiastic reviews, too. But you did a fair job.
    I'm sorry this one didn't work out for you. I appreciate the honest review!


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