The Truth About Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter


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I bought this on Amazon because I'm a consumer whore and because it had her name on the cover. 

The protagonist Jude is a rather scant woman who associates the downward spiral of her life with her ageing appearance. Thing would have been so much better if only she had "stayed pretty". 

To convince herself that she is still desirable she embarks on a number affairs with younger men who see her as nothing more than a stop gap because she's so grateful. What Jude doesn't know is that her husband has been having similar idea's.

She seems to be an utterly selfish character. She abandons her own child and justifies it by telling her self that he is with the better parent. Years pass when they are given the chance to reunite and this is where the story ends.

I found this to be a bad case of false advertising. The title originally had the Will Trent tag but was swiftly removed when the reviews poured in complaining that Will Trent is very much missing from this "Novella".

To me this felt more like a sample chapter than a short story. It will be interesting to see if it gets developed any further but I would pass on it for now.


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