Goth Girl & The Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell


Goth Girl and The Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell

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Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse was provided free of charge by The Book Depository in return for an honest review.

I was on Goth Girl like a magpie!. I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it. It's so beautiful and shiny! There was as much thought put into the design of the book itself as the story.

I have been a fan of Paul Stuart and Chris Riddell since the original Twig novels were published. Beyond the Deepwoods drew me in and then  I was hooked for life!

Now for the book itself. Ada Goth lives with her father in the sprawling Gastly-Gorm Hall. She spends the majority of her time alone. Her father avoids her as she reminds him of his deceased wife. So much so that she must wear big plodding boots around the house so that he can hear her approaching. He limits his time with her to once a week for tea. 

One night Ada meets the ghost of a mouse called Ishmael. He was caught in a mouse trap and now fears he will spend eternity floating around Ghastly Ghorm Hall. Something is keeping him from moving on but he can't remember what. Ada is determined to help him.

As this is a Chris Riddell novel you can expect the most wonderful character designs and illustrations. Each page is a feast for the eyes

 photo IMG_2115_zps30f3a03d.jpg

 photo IMG_2119_zpsff509751.jpg
Even though the characters are quirky I still found them very relatable. Ada lives in very strange surroundings but suffers from the same woes as many children. She has few friends and feels alienated.  As she meets the younger servants of the house she learns that status doesn't need to get in the way of friendship.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love this book. The illustrations will entice adults and children. This book would be a great start for anyone wanting to introduce a kid to reading as there will be something for both to enjoy. 


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