Cold Hands by John J. Niven


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A review copy was provided by Gill Hess / Century in return for an honest review

Cold Hands tells it's story through Donnie, a young Scot attempting to escape from the shadow of his past. Despite being a thriller Cold hands is quite a slow burner and the reader is gradually introduced to the changes that have occurred throughout Donnies life. 

Cold Hands really forces the reader to question their morals on life. Does a change of circumstance change the person at heart? This is essentially a rags to riches story. Donnie moves from Scottish estate to a sprawling mansion in the wilds of Canada. He has a wife and son whom he adores and a pillar of the community. But does this mean he is a good person?

It's difficult to talk about the story without spoiling it but let's just say that Donnie encounters a figure from his past. Even though he destroyed this person life he had all but forgotten about them. However this figure has not forgotten or forgiven. Time doesn't always heal. Sometimes it allows things to fester, rot and eat away at you. This, I can relate too. 

The story goes a little crazy in the end. It really explodes but If you just go with it you'll find cold hands a very enthralling read that will make you think about how you define right and wrong.

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