2013 : My year in review


So when I say Year in review I really mean 10 months in review as I've only been blogging since march. I've really enjoyed the last ten months. I've read some great books and met some lovely people. I hope next year will be just as successful. 

My Year in Numbers (since March):

Total pageviews : 34000
Blog posts: 148
Bloglovin Followers: 210
Tumbler followers: 720
Twitter Followers: 560
Facebook likes : 185

Books read in 2013 : 105

Favourite reads of 2013

If you are interested in reading my reviews or adding the book to goodreads just click on the cover.

Goals for 2014

As usual read around 100 books
Be more selective and have more 5 star reads
Stop feeling guilty for not finishing a book!
Set reasonable targets - 2 books a week
Network - follow more blogs and comment more!

Once again I just want to thank everyone has read my blog during the last 10 months. A huge thanks must also go to the publishers who have sent books. Without your generosity I would not have been able to read and review as many books as I did.

I hope you all have happy and healthy new year!


  1. Fun to see your favorite books on 2013! Awesome that you were able to do so much reading and blogging in the past year. :)

    Best of luck with your goals for 2014!

  2. They sound like good goals to me. Good luck :)

  3. 100 books sounds like a lot. I aim to read more books in 2014 but dont think i could get to 100.

    Good luck


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