Review - The Insect God by Edward Gorey


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"Oh what has become of Millicent Frastley?
Is there any hope that she's still alive?
Why haven't they found her? It's rather ghastly
To think that the child was not yet five"

We all tell children that they shouldn't take candy from strangers right? The problem is children don't always listen and when your 5,  going for a drive with a nice man really doesn't sound that terrifying. 

A more effective method would be to have them read this tale. 

Poor little Millicent is happily minding her own business and nibbling some grass in the park (as you do). As darkness creeps in a stranger pulls up and offers Millicent a cinnamon ball. As her greedy little fingers move to fish one out she is snatched and taken away to a strange land where she is stripped naked, bundled into a pod and offered as a sacrifice to the Insect God.

So the next time you need to lecture little Billy or Mary on stranger danger forget about strangers. Tell them that they will be taken away and sacrificed to this :

^ That is the stuff of nightmares. *Shudder*

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