Review - Weird things customers say in bookshops by Jen Campbell


Published on: 5th of April 2012 
Publisher: Constable & Robinson
Format: eBook
119 pages

I've often thought that d like to work in a book shop. Then I remember that I'd be promptly fired for spending the day reading the books, and not working .

Anyone who has worked in any area of service will tell you how horrible and stupid customers can be! We're usually the nice ones because we know what it's like. 

Because I worked behind the till I MUST have been responsible for any price increases. Yes Lady I just randomly decide to get up off my check-out and increase all of the prices in the shop JUST to annoy you! i have that much power here!

customer:This was on offer last week!
Me: yes it was
customer:then why isn't it on offer now!!
Me: Erm that was last weeks offer.
cusotmer * Inaudible grumbles*

If you really want world peace make everyone work behind a till for 6 months. In the end they'll either be canonised  or jailed for mass murder!

This is a really fun read I would recommend to anyone who works in retail. You'll find yourself nodding in approval and laughing the whole way through.

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  1. Looks hilarious, thanks for sharing!

    1. It's brilliant. I'm dying to get my hands on the sequel!


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