Review - In Defence of Dogs by John Bradshaw


This book didn't really bring anything new to the table and the writing was so stunted that it took me forever to finish it. 

I found that the author constantly contradicted himself. For example: He states that dogs do not have the ability to recall something that has happened to them some time ago, and in the next scentence says that dogs can associate emotions with previous experiences. Surely this shows some ability to recollect memories and connect them to situations?

Im not sure why dominance theories are still skulking around but if this book helps people to give up those methods then that will be a positive thing for dogs.

I found the sections on emotion interesting. I too have never understood why people expect dogs to feel such emotions as guilt and shame. They simply dont have the sense of self to be able to feel those things and people believing they do, and punishing them because of it just leads to a confused and fearful animal.

I was glad to see that he left the problems with pedigree's section until the end. One thing I cannot stand is people breeding mutant pedigree's for vanity and show ring sakes without any consideration for the dogs health.

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  1. I swear the book cover just changed on me! Haha. It is a bit shocking that the author contradicted himself like that. I have never read a book about pets, and I am grateful for the reviewers that take the time to read them and share them. Do you have a passion for dogs? I am more of a cat person. And you are right about those people who breed mutant pedigree's without a thought about the d

    1. I'm a veterinary nurse but I would say I have a soft spot for dogs:)
      I was having that problem last night the book cover changed!!


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