Review - This house is Haunted by John Boyne



It was the cover that first drew me to this book. Yes I am that shallow. I've never read a John Boyne novel before so I decided to take a chance on it 

From reading other reviews I see that some people found the story too predictable. It is a little predictable. You won't find any major plot twists and turns here. However the writing was immersive enough to keep me reading. 

I just wish the author had gone one step further. Suspense is an important ingredient in horror and this book certainly delivers during Elsiza's first few hours at Gaudlin. Unfortunately It just doesn't last. 

It's not very satisfying to have a novel lead you to a point where you say to yourself "oh so that was it". I think it would have been more interesting to develop Isabella's character a little more. There was certainly potential for her to have more of role within the story. 

Still, even with its faults I did enjoy reading this novel. It brought back memories of the ghost stories we told each other as children at Halloween.

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  1. Aww man. It does sound like a good book, but no suspense is not something I look forward too. At least it was nostalgic!


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