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An advanced readers copy was provided in return for an honest review

 This book is going to get tongues wagging everywhere it goes. A female psychopath with a taste for young boys was certainly a brave subject to base a début novel on. 

In a similar style to "The End of Alice" by A.M Holmes Alissa takes us inside the mind of a sexual predator. 

When I got into this book I remember thinking "They had what". Then I realised that it was my reaction to the situation is what was really shocking. Would I be saying the same If it had been a male teacher seducing a young female? I doubt it. I would have been utterly disgusted  as I was when reading "The End of Alice". 

When a boy loses his virginity it's seen as milestone in life, something to celebrate no matter when it happens. A girls virginity is treated as a fragile gem, only to be given up to the most worthy in only a certain set of circumstances (mainly her being of legal age).

"I was bikini clad, lounging on the hood of a spots car, my blond hair fanned back in the wind. "If you were a teenage male", the commentator began, pointing a leering finger back at the photo, "would you call a sexual experience with her abuse?"

I stopped and read that scentence at least 4 times and I have to admit that if I asked any young male I know the same question, the answer would be "No". So then does it come down to age and looks? If Celeste had been an older less attractive woman would it be considered abuse?

I guess it really comes down to consent, but even that's not straight forward.

"Was he sorry that it happened? His smile said it all. Had he enjoyed our time together? Before an objection could even be made. he'd already begun nodding enthusiastically."

If you enjoy something and willingly consent to it, can it be called abuse? Again in this situation I would say no. Again if the roles were reversed would I have the same opinion? If it were a girl I would more than likely say "she's so young, she didn't know what she was doing. He should have known better". Because he is male it makes his decisions automatically valid. 

These are the opinions of a twenty something female. I can imagine the mother of a young teen boy will have a much sharper, more negative opinion. This is why I look forward to reading other reviews on this book. Opinions will certainly be diverse.

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  1. Love this book! I couldn't put this book down! It was intense, I love to get into the minds of people and this book allowed me to do just that!
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