Unfinished book Guilt


The wall street journal recently published an excellent article on why we feel so guilty for not finishing a book. This is something almost all readers and reviewers will deal with. Probably on a regular basis if you are a reviewer. I am getting better though. I just keep telling myself that there are too many good books out there waiting for me to read to waste time on books I don't personally enjoy.


  1. I had a question for you? Did you do your design or did you have someone do it for you?

    I love your social media buttons:)

    1. Hi amber I designed the blog myself. I found the social media buttons on the net. I can email you a copy of you want them?

    2. That's awesome you did this yourself! and just point me in the direction of the website!

    3. I think if you google "Social media icons" and click on images you should find it somewhere there.

  2. I no longer feel too guilty about not finishing a book. I only feel guilty if I have promised the author or publicist to review it.


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