Review - The Summer I died by Ryan C Thomas


Published: 30th January 2006 by Coscom Entertainment
Formats: Paperback & eBook
232 Pages 

A bit slow for the first quarter but picks up rapidly! It's probably another step up the ladder from Jack Ketchum and Joseph D'Lacey (I didn't think there were any more rungs left on that ladder) 

Don't expect any gripping storyline's or surprising last minute twists. It's torture porn pure and simple. Imagine the worst possible things that could happen to any part of your body - if that makes you queasy then put the book down now and walk away while you still can.

This book is what I'd imagine a live action version of Tom and Jerry to be like. Instead there's teenagers and a maniac instead of a cat and a mouse....

Oh and if you are ever hiking in the hills and hear someone's desperate cries for help, for god's sake, run the other way...

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