Review - Headstone by Ken Bruen


Published January 1st 2011 by Transworld Ireland
Paperback and eBook
336 pages

"Evil has many guises. Jack Taylor has encountered most of them but nothing before has ever truly terrified him until a group called Headstone rears its ugly head. An elderly priest is viciously beaten until nearly dead. A special needs boy is brutally attacked. A series of seemingly random, insane, violent events even has the Guards shaken.
Most would see a headstone as a marker of the dead, but this coterie of evil intends to act as a death knell to every aspect of Jack's life as an act of appalling violence alerts him to the horror enveloping Galway.
Accepting the power of Headstone, Jack realizes that in order to fight back he must relinquish the remaining shreds of what has made him human - knowledge that may have come too late to prevent an act of such ferocious evil that the whole country would be changed forever - and in the worst way.
With awful clarity, Jack knows that not only might he be powerless to stop it but that he may not have the grit needed to even face it."

Jesus, I thought I'd never finish this book. Everything got in the way. Well not everything, just work.

I picked this book up during a random Tesco shopping trip. I sometimes find random gems among the shelves. However I hate when you buy a book and then realise that it's the millionth book in the series. Still, I wanted to give it ago as I haven't read any crime by an Irish author before.

After finishing read some reviews and thought that I must have been reading a completely different book. I thought the writing was choppy and the story, all over the place.

The way Bruen structures his sentences completely ruins the flow of conversation. For example:

"Cut-to-the-chase time. I asked,
Do you know where I can find him?" 

To me it's As if the spoken word is "cut-to -the-chase time", but no, it's the sentence after. It led to me having to re-read passages in the first few pages which was really frustrating.

As for the story itself , Bruen seems to devote more page time to Taylor's boring drinking  and pill popping sessions over the psychotic "cult" members. It could have been so much more than it was.

Also what was with the twenty random different languages thrown in here and there. No one I know throws in random Irish words into conversations. It's like he is constantly trying to prove Taylor's "Irishness" ( As if the alcoholic tendencies weren't enough). Again I don't know any intelligent person  who says "me own self" and I have never heard the phrase "phew-oh" before. WTF des it even mean?

I am now going to drink copious amount of coffee and forget about this mess. Bitching session over.

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