Review - The Book of Irish Mammies by Colm O'Regan


Published: 2012 by Transworld Ireland
Formats: Hardback
236 pages

Everyone in the world knows (or should know) that there is no mammy, like an Irish mammy.

while were at it, its MAMMY. Not Mum or mom or any of the craic. Although Ma is also acceptable. 

Only an Irish mammy, or the offspring of an Irish mammy knows that:
  • If you go out without your coat on you will catch your death!
  • If you go out with a wet head you will catch your death!
  • If you leave the immersion on the electricity bill will literally go through the roof! So turn it off!
  • Tea or tae as its known in our mother tongue, should be another food group on it own.
  • You must scald the pot beforehand
  • "You'll have a bit to eat?" is not really a question, more a demand
  • No one is ever really good enough for her darling son
  • If Ma is the only one who knows where something is, its probably because she put it there...but don't ever tell her that!

For any non Irish person dating (or courting as she'd call it), marrying, or having any contact with a person who has an Irish mammy, this book is an essential survival guide!

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