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Release date: 4th July 13
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook & Audio-book
Pages: 400

"Special Agent Will Trent has something to hide. Something he doesn't want Dr Sara Linton - the woman he loves - to find out.
He's gone undercover in Macon, Georgia and put his life at risk. And he knows Sara will never forgive him if she discovers the truth.
But when a young patrolman is shot and left for dead Sara is forced to confront the past and a woman she hoped never to see again. And without even knowing it, she becomes involved in the same case Will is working on.
Soon both of their lives are in danger."

Release date: 4th July 2013
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Formats: Hardcover, paperback & eBook

James and his street cat Bob have been on a remarkable journey together. In the years since their story ended in the bestselling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB James, with Bob's help, has begun to find his way back to the real world.
Almost every day, Bob provides moments of intelligence, bravery and humour, at the same time opening his human friend's eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust - and the meaning of happiness. 
In the continuing tale of their life together James shows the many ways in which Bob has been his protector and guardian angel through times of illness, hardship, even life-threatening danger. 
As they high five together for their crowds of admirers, James knows that the tricks he's taught Bob are nothing compared to the lessons he's learnt from his street-wise cat. "

Release Date: 4th July 2013
Publisher: Doubleday
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook & audio-book
Pages: 272

"In 1972, two seconds were added to time. It was in order to balance clock time with the movement of the earth. Byron Hemming knew this because James Lowe had told him and James was the cleverest boy at school. But how could time change? The steady movement of hands around a clock was as certain as their golden futures.
Then Byron's mother, late for the school run, makes a devastating mistake. Byron's perfect world is shattered. Were those two extra seconds to blame? Can what follows ever be set right?"

Release Date: 4th July 2013
Publisher: Headline Review
Formats: Paperback &eBook
Pages: 416

"Lara Finch is living a lie.
Everyone thinks she has a happy life in Cornwall, married to the devoted Sam, but in fact she is desperately bored. When she is offered a new job that involves commuting to London by sleeper train, she meets Guy and starts an illicit affair. But then Lara vanishes from the night train without a trace. Only her friend Iris disbelieves the official version of events, and sets out to find her. For Iris, it is the start of a voyage that will take her further than she's ever travelled and on to a trail of old crimes and dark secrets. For Lara, it is the end of a journey that started a long time ago. A journey she must finish, before it destroys her..."

Release date : 2nd July 2013
Publisher: Bantam
Formats: Paperback, eBook & Audio-book
Pages: 384

"When Emily Page and her husband move from Manhattan to the wealthy enclave of Clairmont, Texas, she hopes she can finally escape her haunted past—and outrun the nameless stalker who has been taunting her for years. Pregnant with her first child, Emily just wants to start over. But as she is drawn into a nest of secretive Texas women—and into the unnerving company of their queen, Caroline Warwick—Emily finds that acceptance is a very dangerous game. 
It isn’t long before Caroline mysteriously disappears and Emily is facing a rash of anonymous threats. Are they linked to the missing Caroline? Or to Emily’s terrifying encounter in college, years earlier? As the dark truth about Caroline emerges, Emily realizes that some secrets are impossible to hide—and that whoever came for Caroline is now coming for her."

Release Date: 2nd July 2013
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Formats: Paperback & eBook
Pages: 336

"It’s an idyllic New England summer, and Sadie is a precocious only child on the edge of adolescence. It seems like July and August will pass lazily by, just as they have every year before. But one day, Sadie and her best friend play a seemingly harmless prank on a neighborhood girl. Soon after, that same little girl disappears from a backyard barbecue—and she is never seen again. Twenty years pass, and Sadie is still living in the same quiet suburb. She’s married to a good man, has two beautiful children, and seems to have put her past behind her. But when a boy from her old neighborhood returns to town, the nightmares of that summer will begin to resurface, and its unsolved mysteries will finally become clear."

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Review - The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year by Sue Townsend


Published: 1st March 2012 by Michael Joseph
Formats: Paperback & eBook
437 pages

Right, so 2 people who were never really meant to end up together meet one day in a library.

She thinks he looks smart. He thinks she's fat, thick and stupid .Oh yeah they should definitely get married!!..and they wonder why the kids are messed up!? 

I did enjoy parts, such as the exchange between Brian and Titania (what a name!) in the meeting in planetarium and it's mildly amusing up until she starts mentioning a make shift colostomy bag from sainsburys plastic bags.......riiiiiight. Excuse me for a second..

We all think about going to bed and wallowing at times but we don't because the reality is that it would be really f'ing boring, sort of like most of this book!

Secondly there are no half normal characters to balance the abundance of mental health issues.

Brian is a cradle snatcher with an ego the size of a planet.
Eva is a self obsessed doormat.
Brianne is spineless and has a weird almost incestuous relationship with her brother.
Brian junior clearly has Aspergers.
Titiana is a live in home wrecker.
Poppy is compulsive liar that lives in whatever dreamland she's concocting at the time. 
Alexander would be prepared to spend his life with someone who hates kids and won't leave her bed.

See what I mean? Not good. 

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Review - The Book of Irish Mammies by Colm O'Regan


Published: 2012 by Transworld Ireland
Formats: Hardback
236 pages

Everyone in the world knows (or should know) that there is no mammy, like an Irish mammy.

while were at it, its MAMMY. Not Mum or mom or any of the craic. Although Ma is also acceptable. 

Only an Irish mammy, or the offspring of an Irish mammy knows that:
  • If you go out without your coat on you will catch your death!
  • If you go out with a wet head you will catch your death!
  • If you leave the immersion on the electricity bill will literally go through the roof! So turn it off!
  • Tea or tae as its known in our mother tongue, should be another food group on it own.
  • You must scald the pot beforehand
  • "You'll have a bit to eat?" is not really a question, more a demand
  • No one is ever really good enough for her darling son
  • If Ma is the only one who knows where something is, its probably because she put it there...but don't ever tell her that!

For any non Irish person dating (or courting as she'd call it), marrying, or having any contact with a person who has an Irish mammy, this book is an essential survival guide!

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Review - The Summer I died by Ryan C Thomas


Published: 30th January 2006 by Coscom Entertainment
Formats: Paperback & eBook
232 Pages 

A bit slow for the first quarter but picks up rapidly! It's probably another step up the ladder from Jack Ketchum and Joseph D'Lacey (I didn't think there were any more rungs left on that ladder) 

Don't expect any gripping storyline's or surprising last minute twists. It's torture porn pure and simple. Imagine the worst possible things that could happen to any part of your body - if that makes you queasy then put the book down now and walk away while you still can.

This book is what I'd imagine a live action version of Tom and Jerry to be like. Instead there's teenagers and a maniac instead of a cat and a mouse....

Oh and if you are ever hiking in the hills and hear someone's desperate cries for help, for god's sake, run the other way...

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