Cover Reveal: Sword by Bogdan Teodorescu @Corylusb @lovebooksgroup


On the streets of Bucharest,
 a brutally efficient serial killer is at work. His targets: individuals from the Roma community with a criminal record. Each victim is killed with a single blow to the throat and tensions rise at the same rate as the body count. For not everyone disagrees
 with this vigilante killer.

With Presidential elections
 about to take place, and the police seemingly unable to track down the elusive assassin they've nicknamed Sword, the government struggles to keep control while other political figures try to stoke public resentment for their own ends.

The demons in Romania’s fractured
 society begin to resurface, as old distrust and prejudices grow with each new victim from the Roma community. The case is under the media's relentless spotlight. Meanwhile, ruthless figures both inside and outside the government are manoeuvring to take advantage
 of the situation. But are they playing with political fire for their own purposes - are they in danger of sparking a vicious racial conflict?

Bogdan Teodorescu paints an
 acid portrait of a divided society in this powerful political thriller containing themes that will echo around the world.

Cover Reveal:

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