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This second thrilling volume of the Sun Song trilogy takes Sorlie to the floodlands of southern Esperaneo to discover that family, love and resilience can triumph against even the harshest regime. Escaping from the penal colony on Black Rock, Sorlie joins his grandmother Vanora's revolutionary army, expecting to find freedom. Instead he finds murder and mayhem. With her army in disarray and her network of supporters disappearing, Vanora chooses Sorlie to become her warrior. When Vanora is kidnapped, Sorlie becomes injured and marooned in the strange reservation of Steadie where old people and specials are hidden and protected from The State. But these outcasts are not the only secrets Steadie keeps. Why is Sorlie kept drugged for over a week? What are their links to The Blue Pearl Society? Why are they so wary of the Noiri black marketeers? And who is The Prince everyone is whispering about? The Sun Song trilogy explores life in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Britain where society's norms have broken down and life has to be lived differently.


Guest post: Inspiration Behind Wants of the Silent

When I began the Sun Song Trilogy I knew what was going to happen in the first book and I roughly knew how the trilogy would end, but I had no clue how I would get there.
Wants of the Silent is the middle book and was the hardest to write.  Book #1 Ways of the Doomed is set on a prison island, where teenager Sorlie find out more about the world he inhabits because he has access to banned books. In book #2 I wanted to explore more of the world outside the prison. Sorlie discovers that the world is ruled by a cruel military regime, but he has no idea of the fate of the citizens. He doesn’t realise they have to hide.
I wanted to create hidden communities where people got on with their lives under the radar of the State. For this I took inspiration from two sources.
History and the present. 

South Uist is my favourite island in the Outer Hebrides. I have visited it many times and on one visit I discovered something I hadn’t noticed before.  Walking near the croft house where I was staying I noticed a mound of grass beside a small pond.  It looked like any old mound from the track but then I noticed something strange. There was a little green spout poking from the mound. When I looked closer I noticed a silver stack with a cap on top and – was that smoke coming from the stack?  I walked off the track to the pond, when I looked back at the mound I was astonished to find a glass window and through the window I could see a sofa and rugs and a table. This was someone’s house. The next day I was walking to the beach when I came upon ancient ruins set into the ground. The information told me these were wheelhouses, circular drystone buildings with a single entrance, built during the Iron Age between 500 BC and 500 AD. With these two discoveries I knew I had found my first community.  In Wants of the Silent I built a community by the sea, who lived in these underground wheel house structures.

My second community is Steadie.  Steadie is a radioactive site where citizen deemed by the State as having no purpose are hidden by society. The military don’t raid too deeply in Steadie because they are scared of the radiation but the citizens of Steadie have learned how to control their exposure to radiation.

The inspiration for this community came from an article I read about Fukushima.  Fukushima is a nuclear power plant site hit by an earth quake and then a tsunami in 2011. The residents around the site were evacuated but after a while the older citizens became tired of living away from home and returned to the site even though it was still deemed unsafe.  This got me thinking about choices people make and how they can adapt to the environments they find themselves in. I read a bit about Chernobyl, the most contaminated place on the planet and discovered that hundreds of people work there under controlled conditions.

In Wants of the Silent I believe I have created two unique and believable communities for people to live, work and survive the harsh regime of the Sun Song Trilogy.

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