Book Review: The Age of Misadventure by @JudyLeighWriter @AvonBooksUK


55-year-old Georgie Turner doesn’t need a new man. Her daughter, aunt and sister are the most important people in her life (and the most infuriating). But it seems the older they get, the further apart they drift.

Georgie’s never been a fan of her sister Bonnie’s husband, so when she learns her brother-in-law has been up to no good, Georgie sees an opportunity to bring the women of her family back together. Along with her 21-year-old daughter and 80-year-old aunt, she packs Bonnie into the back of her car and they leave Liverpool to hide out on the coast of Sussex. With the help of some sun, sea and bottle or two of prosecco, this will be an adventure they’ll never forget.

But could the right man find Georgie while she’s stopping the wrong man finding her sister?


I became an instant fan of Judy Leigh when I read her debut novel, A Grand Old Time, so when I was offered an advanced review copy of The Age of Misadventure, I immediately said yes. Judy has a real talent for writing older characters so I was delighted to see that many of the characters in this book were 50+. 

I dunno, I'm starting to think that maybe I'm odd AF. So many people have called Georgie bitter, but I think that's maybe because they can't connect to her experiences? If you haven't had someone you've been in a relationship with for a LONG time hurt you, then maybe you can't relate? Unfortunately, I can relate to her. I know how hard it can be when your trust is broken by a person you dedicated so many years of your life to. It makes it hard to trust again. 

Anyway, the story. I really enjoyed this read. I found this book the perfect late evening/bedtime read. The plot is not too taxing. Bonnie's (Georgie's sister) husband gets himself into trouble, so they decide to take a girls trip away while things blow over. 

My favorite character by far was Nan (Georgie's aunt). She was an absolute howl and I laughed out loud several times when reading her parts. Her character is where Judy's writing really shined. Nan has lived alone for years after the death of her husband Wilf, so it was lovely to see her growing more confident with new people and new places as the book went on. It really reminded me of Evie Judy's first book. 

I almost wish that Nan got more page space because she was such an endearing character. I could relate to Georgie because of her experience but I found Bonnie and Jade (Georgie's daughter) a little hard to gel with. I think this is because their development mostly happened towards the end of the book so it felt a little rushed. I feel like this made it hard for me to change how I felt towards those characters. 

However, for me, those issues didn't change how I felt about the book overall. This story will make you smile and it will make you laugh out loud. If you're looking for an enjoyable read I'd definitely recommend The Age of Misadventure

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