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A passionate call for international gender equality by a leading entrepreneur; this smart, accessible and inspiring book makes the case for why all nations need more women at the top of politics and economics. `The status of women is a global challenge; it touches every human being without exception. How is it possible that countries where women have achieved political, economic and social rights after exhausting struggles remain seemingly indifferent to the egregiousness of other nations where the status of women is still tragic? The time has come to help those left behind.

Read an Extract from Saving the World:

It is important here to reflect briefly on the word ‘feminist’ and its implications. Very often, negative connotations are undeservedly attached to the term. In discussing the subject with a Member of the Italian Parliament of my acquaintance, I was confirmed in my belief that there is considerable confusion as to the actual meaning of the word. In commenting on yet another case of violence towards a woman, I said it would be nice if, after death, there was a feminist paradise where the souls of all women could find peace for themselves. He agreed that it would be nice for them, just as a ‘macho’ paradise would be nice for men. Looking at him in astonishment, I explained that there is a huge difference between the two terms: being a feminist doesn’t mean being against someone; it is rather about promoting respect for women’s rights. Being ‘macho’, on the other hand, means rejecting equality of rights between the genders.

‘Feminism’ is virtually a synonym for parity and equality. A man who believes in the values of freedom and fairness can himself be thought of as a ‘feminist’. Machismo, on the other hand, champions male primacy in support of a patriarchal society. If this simple distinction is not clear to a representative of the state, I thought, whatever must be the understanding of most of the population? Historically, feminists have been hostile and even violent towards men on occasions, but this was only when men had sought to perpetuate a culture of oppression and violence. We owe much to the women who fought against all odds for those rights, such as votes for women, that we now take for granted.

Today there is little overt conflict between the genders. Indeed, the fact that we can only help the cause of equality by working together is widely recognised. In this regard, the HeForShe campaign promoted by the UN is emblematic. It is an initiative aimed at emphasising the need for the active and unreserved support of all men in favour of gender equality – the ones I like to call ‘enlightened’.

Gender equality is not just a female issue: it should be of great concern to all human beings who aspire to a more just society. Therefore, it is important that we women do not just discuss these matters among ourselves. It is precisely with the men close to us – fathers, husbands and sons – that we should talk. Only then can we achieve universal enlightenment in the field of human rights.

I would like this little book to be read by you, female friends, and given to as many men as you know, so that at least one or two seeds may take root and sprout equality. If you are mothers, you have also the responsibility of raising mindful and respectful sons so that they become better men. Do not forget: if we have given birth to generations of men who denied us any rights, it means that part of the blame is down to our nurturing. It all begins with dignity and respect.

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