Unsung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide Through Stories of Triumph by @KristieKnightsK


Unsung Heros suicide book

From the trenches of despair, to the triumph of survival; daily we come into contact with UnSung Heroes. This is a compilation of stories written by heroes who have battled the darkest of their souls, who have battled suicidal thoughts and attempts. They live a life under the stigma of mental illness with no where to turn. Each person rose from the depth of the pain to the joys of living. The mission to eradicate suicide through lifting the stigma is the foundation for this book. Take a journey with 34 courageous authors as you will weep in their pain and rejoice in the victories!

When Kate Gardner first introduced me to Kristie Knights I looked forward to working with such a lovely person. However, at this point I had no idea I would be editing and book that would turn out to be so very, very important.

This is the first in what will hopefully be many books in the Unsung Heros publishing group. Although it is compiled by Kristie it really is the collaborative work of 34 amazingly brave people. 34 people who decided to break the stigma, to break the silence. Speak to anyone who has suffered with mental illness and they'll probably tell you one of the hardest parts was reaching out for help. When you suffer, some horrid part of your brain tries to convince you that you're alone, that you must suffer alone. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

As we can learn from the authors in this book: there are people around us, people who will only be too happy to help. All we have to do is ask. Break that barrier and let people know how you feel. It could be as simple as "I don't feel good today. I need someone to talk to." A sentence so small can save life. It can prevent someone from taking that step, that final step that there is no turning back from.

Unsung Heros delivers one powerful message above all others: suicide is never the answer. Ever. Every one of the authors came to understand they were loved, needed. They had a purpose on this earth. They might not have realised it right away but it came to them eventually. 

I shed many a tear while editing this book. As someone who has suffered in the past it really drove the point mentioned above home. I just know this book will save so many lives. All 34 authors should be so proud of themselves for writing their stories in such beautiful, meaningful ways. 

If you would like to know more about Kristie and her amazing work please visit her website:

If you would like to directly support Unsung Heros please purchase a copy HERE. All profits will be donated to suicide awareness. 

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