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TWO WRONGS starts with great sex: ends in sudden death. US Navy SEAL Stretch McCann believes he’s met the girl of his dreams. Trouble is, she’s married to someone else; another military man not inclined to suffer rivals lightly. When she’s involved in a crippling car crash, Stretch loses much more than just a lover. He and she have been mightily wronged.
Enter an altogether unusual Englishman, JJ Stoner, covert investigator and occasional assassin. Stoner offers Stretch an opportunity for action. Can Stretch set things straight, no matter what the cost? And why, exactly, have the FBI taken a sudden interest in Stoner?


Two Wrongs is a short story by Frank Westworth in which the action starts almost immediately! 
Stretch McCann who is a US Navy SEAL involved with the wife of a fellow military man and blinded by his emotions for Rose, does not think of the possible consequences of what could happen should he and Rose be discovered. 
On Stretch’s return from having been overseas he is faced with the devastating news that Rose was involved in a terrible and crippling accident; which others believed to be attempted suicide. 
None of the details make sense to Stretch and he finds it difficult to believe that it is as clear cut as it seems. 
Neither is he pleased to learn he is being held responsible because Rose, it is said could not cope with the pain caused by the affair being discovered by her husband. 
More heartbreaking news is to be discovered by Stretch when he visits Rose and this proves yet another challenge for him. 
The other character you meet is JJ Stoner an assassin and ex military man, who seeks out Stretch to provide him with an alibi. In return for doing this, Stoner will provide Stretch with an alibi.  
I found myself questioning why Stoner sought out Stretch and why would he provide an alibi for a complete stranger? 
And so the story takes off with speed and to say anymore would give too much away. 
This is a fast paced, hard hitting story written to make you sit up and take notice. 
The characters are likeable and pull you into their story; be it with their cheeky wit or their likeability. 
There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested and considering this is a short story these add to the flavour of the book. 
This is a genre I am still new to, but books that allow me to dip my toe in and get a feel for them are ideal. 
Suspense and intrigue oozes throughout the whole story and if that is what you are looking for then this is for you! 
There are many other stories by Frank Westworth, First Contact being the first in this series. So it may be wise, should you choose to read this short story, to read First Contact first. That said, I do not feel it prevented me from engaging with the characters and story. 


★ ★ ★ ★ 

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