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One evening in the midst of prime-time programming, networks worldwide interrupt to announce that Air Force Two, a Boeing 747 carrying the Vice President and Secretary of State of the USA, has disappeared after leaving Honolulu, Hawaii on a flight to Hong Kong. An extensive search and rescue effort will soon be underway. 

President William Henry Harrison IV hears the news aboard Air Force One as he flies with his wife and children from the Caribbean to Dallas. The president's plane changes course, heading now to a secure military installation in Florida. 

Then the unthinkable happens. Twenty minutes after the first plane disappeared, Air Force One vanishes too. Its last reported location was over the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, an area known as the Cayman Trench. These two incidents, now unmistakably part of a single plan, harken back to that terrible morning on 9/11 when one tragic crash became two, then three, and the world realized it was all part of a massive terrorism plot. 

In Washington, Speaker of the House Chambliss T. Parkes, a greedy, vulgar buffoon, is rushed to a secret location as the nation goes to DEFCON 1, the highest threat level, for the first time in history. If the planes are truly gone, Parkes will become President of the United States. 

As financial markets crash, rioters take to the streets and mass hysteria threatens to destroy the framework of free-world government, the CIA must find answers. Were the two most secure aircraft in the world sabotaged? How could it have been anything else? But how could it have happened? Who is behind it and why? 

Brian Sadler, a wealthy adventurer and the missing President's closest friend, becomes part of the mission to uncover a plot with worldwide implications.

Guest Post:

How did you create Brian Sadler, the protaganist in five of your books including the latest, Order of Succession? 

Of all the characters I’ve created, Brian Sadler is the only one that’s an extension of me. Some parts of his character and makeup are me, others are what I would like to have been. Some are things I never was and never wanted to be. I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is which, with a few hints sprinkled throughout this blog. 

When I began writing my first book The Bethlehem Scroll in 2008, along came a young, enthusiastic stockbroker named Brian Sadler. He was ambitious and a risk-taker, like I had been at that age, and he gambled with his career as I had done. He went to work for a high-flying broker called Warren, Taylor and Currant. Its principals played fast and loose with money, morals and the rules. That firm was modeled after a crazy New York firm I saw in action in the late 1970s. I never worked there, but I did a business deal that, to put it mildly, turned out badly.  The excesses at the real firm weren’t quite as excessive as those in my book and the violations weren’t quite as flagrant, but I used its loose, devil-may-care attitude about business as my pattern. The real one went out of business not long after the Securities and Exchange Commission began an investigation, by the way, just as Brian Sadler’s firm did in the book. 

Brian became an entrepreneur through a fortuitous set of events, owning his own New York antiquities gallery after the mysterious death of a principal. I was an entrepreneur too, although I did it in a more traditional way. Brian has a passion for archaeology and is an armchair adventurer. Ditto me. He loves a lot of things I love – travel, XO vodka martinis, the occasional cigar and beautiful women. He thrives on making deals, loves the corporate world of entertaining, traveling and meeting people, and he likes wearing Hermes ties. 

On the other hand, there are as many differences between us as there are similarities. Brian loves hot cars, he got involved with the Mafia and he’s been in close calls that could have cost him his life. I haven’t done those things, although my friends from the old days might call our crazy late-night antics close calls. 

Brian became a wealthy television personality due to the promotion and prominence of Bijan Rarities, the Fifth Avenue/London/Dallas galleries he owns. That’s another difference—that was something I allowed Brian to be that I hadn’t achieved myself. 

Early in the Sadler series I crafted Brian’s college roommate, Harry Harrison, to ultimately become the president of the United States. That decision allowed me to take Brian to an entirely new level. Not only was he a wealthy entrepreneur, now he had friends in high places. This led to President Harrison’s involvement in two other books including my latest, Order of Succession 

It’s a trip creating characters. You can mold them into whatever you want. You can play them like a puppeteer and you can put them into all sorts of uncomfortable situations. Paupers, kings, lovers, fighters—whatever the author’s mind can create, his characters can become. 

I thought Brian Sadler would retire after four novels but the people cried for more, so I wrote another. Now I have more plans for the flamboyant world traveler so he’ll be back in business in 2017!


The prize is one hard copy of Order of Succession.
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