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If you enjoy the thrilling and challenge of thinking and living outside the mind-numbing figurative box, then the Secrets of Empowerment is the book that will propel you into the big league. For those who lack such boldness, the recommendations is that you shut the pages of this book and choose more mainstream reading, with all it’s comfortable limitations and normalites. 

As the intrepid go through the pages of Empowerment, they will discover a host of priceless principles which have traditionally been hidden by those in power. The result has been that those in the higher income brackets remain at the top, while those with only a few pennies have remained at the bottom of the earnings league, because of not being privy to the secrets of financial success. 

What makes Empowerment unique is that it has been compiled by someone who is part of the financial elite, who has tried and tested the formula for financial success, and is willing to ‘spill the beans’. In other words, Empowerment is not just theory, written by a university lecturer who drives an Skoda, but by someone who is the ‘real deal’. 

Empowerment is inspired by the experience of Charles Gordon, one of the UK’s most flamboyant multi-millionaires, who made his wealth primarily in property development. In recent time he has successfully ventured into the British Urban music business, and plans to monopolise what he believes has the potential to make him billions. 

For the average Joe Bloggs, the book illustrates that even the most disadvantaged can get out of the inner city estates and government funded housing developments to ‘make it’; if of course, there is a plan and a honed mental attitude. 

In writing Empowerment, Charles Gordon was motivated by his concern for the youths of the inner cities, many of whom face a bleak future. His message for those considering a career of drugs, guns and shady deals is: “Don’t do it”. His logic is, why put yourself through a life of hide and seek with the police, burly underworld figures, knives and bullets when you can earn it legitimately, without the grief?


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