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Guest Post:

I am so happy and excited to have completed three novels this past year. Writing a novel is not an easy task, and I doubt any author would say the opposite. Weaving together a story gets complicated, and most of those who start, give up somewhere along the way. I could easily have been one of those. But I was determined to finish what I started, something I drum into the heads of my three kids almost on a daily basis.

I wrote everyday. For hours and hours. Until a few days ago, I was still writing, putting the finishing touches on a novel I began over a year ago. My husband started to wonder whether the light from the laptop had put a spell on me. He just didn’t realize that I needed time to figure out what my main characters would do, or how I could further torture my villain. Sometimes, I would write the same thing over and over again until it felt right. It took a long time for me to do. It was exhausting! I didn’t have the luxury of writing all day. I still had to work a full time job outside of the home. So the characters from my book went right along with me. Have you ever heard a writer say that her characters talked to her?

Not in the way of actually hearing voices, (I guess), or anything like that, but there is constant chatter going on in the head and it’s all from the people the writer has created. During those times, I make sure to listen. They talk a lot. I take good notes. They always end up in the book.

Now there have been a few times when my characters have stopped talking to me. They stopped telling me what they would do and how they would do it. Fortunately, though, when I’ve had a bout of writer’s block, it hasn’t lasted long. Not yet, anyway. Right now, I’m full of ideas. But when I was unable to come up with anything a while back, I took a break from my writing until my characters took up residence in my head again. It didn’t take long for me to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, even though the last word is written, I know I’m not done. I’m always eagerly moving on to the next idea, the next characters, the next story. But even with that, it’s hard to let go of the characters you’ve carried with you for so long. That’s why I decided to turn my Chocolate and Italian Wine into a series. I just couldn’t let go.

And knowing that I’ll be revisiting my beloved characters often, makes it alright to write and create new characters. I’ve got a lot planned for this year, too. I write sensual love stories. Stories that leave you wanting more. So, if you’re prone to sweaty palms and heart palpitations, don’t blame me. You’ve been warned! Happy reading

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