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Illicit profits were all part of Zane Donaldson's work at a financial firm, but suddenly the stakes change when his family is violently abducted. Following a trail that was never meant to be uncovered, Zane realizes that with Quantitative Easing, the Federal Reserve is doing something no criminal has ever accomplished--and the catastrophic economic implications are worth killing over.

Together with a computer hacker and a seemingly helpful special ops warrior, Zane must decide between exposing the truth and preserving the financial strength of the world. However, only Zane knows the real truth and why it can't be revealed. The Federal Reserve isn't just about money. While it also involves domination and control, it all comes back to one thing.

The Reason.

Guest post:

Zane Donovan’s value in life depends upon doing what other people can’t. It has always been this way for him, as long as he can remember. Nobody ever told him, or showed him love that was not conditioned upon his performance.

Until Tina, his wife, revealed to him another way. Acceptance that wasn’t based upon what he did. Or didn’t do. It was difficult for Zane to believe. He knew it couldn’t last.

Zane had not told Tina the truth. Once she knew that, she would change. It was the law of deserve. We deserved whatever we got.

Zane deserved evil and Tina deserved better.

Better than her husband stealing from people who were in financial freefall. Better than using families in a scheme that preyed upon those that wanted answers. Better than becoming somebody that nobody really knew, including her. Tina was a good person. Zane was not.

Zane could change. He could confess and make things right. He could try.

Until he found out there was more. It went higher than what he suspected. Much higher. All the way to the Federal Reserve. Zane thought they were the good guys.

Zane would still try. Somebody would know what to do.

Then they were taken. Zane’s world was gone. Tina and their two children abducted and he had to go back. This is didn’t feel like the right thing anymore.

He had to get his family back.

Zane went to him and asked for his help. Find them and take Zane out. Based upon his reluctance, Zane began to wonder if he was part of the problem.

Zane needed help. From his friend, Tec. He seemed trustworthy and capable. He had a military background and had faced trouble before.

Tec came when called. He gave what he had and didn’t hold back. Yet Zane could not tell him the truth either. Tec would be sure to return that favor.

Monique offered her help to Zane. She was beautiful, a fighter and could do more with a computer than Bill Gates. Yet he had to draw the line. It appeared she wanted something more than was his to give.

Caleb surely was a man that could not be trusted. He seemed smart and resourceful, but was not being forthright. Caleb knew things he was not revealing, including his feelings for Monique. Caleb would need to be removed before the answer became known. That would not be easy.

None of it was easy. Exposing the truth could drive the nations economy into an abyss from which it may never recover. Keeping the truth hidden would allow the evil to continue and rot away the pillars of our world’s financial system.

Only Zane and him knew the real truth. The Federal Reserve was more than just a central bank interested in low interest rates and low inflation. While it craved domination and control, it wanted more. It had always wanted more. Except Zane knew why this could never be revealed. It all came back to one thing.

The Reason.

Quentin Brent graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s in Economics and worked in the banking industry for 15 years – the first ten working on debt workouts, and the last five as bank president. He also has 20 years experience working as CFO and part owner of a $300 million temporary staffing company. During his 30’s, Brent began amateur mixed martial arts fighting and fought in a variety of different venues. He lives with his wife in Minneapolis, MN and is the author of the new book The Reason available on Amazon.

Learn more about Quentin Brent at and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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