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There is chaos and order...war and and and death and a realm that exists between it all. A realm called the Void. A place of honor, loyalty, duty and redemption. A world, where an immortal race called the Procuri, is sworn to uphold the laws where the "Realm of Four" exists. And two of its most esteemed Guardians are Maya and Hieronymous. Through conflicts with the polymorph Maldoror, a member of the Children of Non, and the siren like Abdiel, one of the ethereal beings known as the Maginites, they have been to heaven...and hell...and survived both. But in the end they are torn apart by that which could ultimately save them.

Their journey takes them beyond the human condition of the battlefields of Rome, the fall of Christ, a Chinese famine and the ship warfare of the Napoleonic era. It shows them the gift of life and the significance of death. It reminds them about what is forgotten and what is remembered. It is about the inevitability of change...and it all begins with a choice...

That is the LEPIDOPTERA.

Guest post: Tolerance

I remember reading a short essay on tolerance. It was in some old dogeared workbook full of other short stories and essays for an english lit class I took a long time ago. I remembered it for some reason. The gist of it was, that since we were not at the level of enlightenment to truly live in harmony with each other, then at least we could learn the value of living together with respect for our differences. We didn't have to like them, or even agree. But we could at least feel that as long as it wasn't hurting anyone, or infringing on anyone else's freedom, then it was at least ok.

I sometimes wonder if we are even able to attain this level of coexistence. I don't know if it is indicative of a planet living under the type of population explosion that we are in. One that puts pressure on every ecosystem that exists. Or if its our uncanny survival technique to band together as a group and at the same time exclude those that we do not consider to be a part of it.

Do we have a choice? Is it our burden to bear that our own success has made us our own worst enemy? Is it our destiny to forever fight against ourselves?

When I heard about the Paris bombings, I immediately felt numb. Not only because of the innocent lives lost, but because of what I knew would happen next. I was reminded of so many other horrible incidents where innocents were killed because of some other powers agenda. I was reminded of so many other paradigms where a tragedy not only brought us together against a common cause, but mobilized us to destroy that which wishes to destroy us. There would be retaliation.

It's easy to feel apathetic that this sort of thing can be relatively common in other parts of the world. when we hear of it happening in some other part of the world the response is less retaliatory and more apologetic if anything. This doesn't happen in Europe all the time. Thats one of the reasons why its so shocking. when it happens in Europe its an abomination against the civilized world. 

But we are in a clash of civilizations and a clash of extremes. Isis is no doubt an extremist organization. One who practices intolerance as an ideal. We have an extremely polarized political situation here in the U.S. One where the extremes have driven the left and the right to be at almost polar opposites of ideology. There is always a balance that the universe strives for, and when one polar arises, so does its opposite. So before we go pointing any fingers as to who the bad guy is, are we, as western civilization not at fault ourselves for being intolerant? I'm not comparing atrocities here, just asking the question of have we not done the same, to some extent, ourselves?

If we can't exhibit forgiveness, then maybe we can still exhibit tolerance and not fall into the cycle of continuous vengeance and retaliatory destruction. It can be the hope that if our leaders cannot express the correct wisdom of action then maybe we can as individuals truly try to understand our muslim brethren and not do the obvious thing of retaliating against them as group. Lets not completely generalize our vengeance. 

Let us also not forget that benevolence we had for those leaving their war torn country for a better life for their families. Let us not lean into the ease of hate and fear against those who do not deserve it. Because if we do, then we have already lost the war on terror.

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