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Taken by force by the Nazis from his German family, 16-year-old Janos becomes trapped in the last-gasp efforts of World War II. His years-long incarceration in Russian POW camps takes him to places of darkness, where he survives a near-death experience, and survives physical and emotional starvation in hard labor camps.

Though vast numbers of prisoners die, Janos comes to thrive as he finds friendship, compassion, healing, mentoring, and love as well.

Looking back at his experiences after many years, now a successful executive in Germany, Janos relates his horrifying and good experiences to a pretty young woman. She is drawn into his moving tapestry of shocking events that took place in POW camps deep within Russia, but shift eventually to uplifting experiences. This important story proves the saying that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Guest Post:

I am an author, and my name is Uta Christensen. Though I was born in Germany, I spent most of my life in other countries—Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. I have been in love with the United States since my childhood. When I saw a documentary movie at an early age called Traumstrasse der Welt (Dream Highway of the World), depicting California’s Highway 101 from San Diego to Alaska with its nearby natural wonders, I was totally enthralled by that beautiful far-away country. And, miraculously, I ended up there. It was in California I earned my university degree in English and German literature. I have been fond of literature since my childhood, starting off with Russian novelists, and have been reading ever since. I was also fond of writing but didn’t start my writing career until the early 1990s. My first book, my father’s memoir, was published in Germany in 2005. The memoir was written in German for the benefit of my father, who never learned to speak or read English and never left Germany. My first novel, “Into the Unknown”, has not been published. In 2009, my second novel Bed of Roses, Bed of Thorns was published in the U.S., and my fourth novel, “Tough as Fine Silk, Escape from Beijing”, was published in 2011. My fifth book, the novel “Caught, Surviving the Turbulent River of Life”, was published in January 2015.

All my novels are based on true stories. I think of the true story a novel is built on, however short, incomplete or fragmentary it might be, as the novel’s seed. It is when the imagination comes into play while writing that the seed begins to sprout, grows, matures into a tree, begins to bloom and eventually bears fruit. I always hope that it will bear fine fruit.

When I’m in the process of writing, I try to stay disciplined. Being a morning person, I write every morning for several hours, except Sundays. My whole being is dialed into this schedule. What I love to write most are family sagas, coming-of-age stories, China and Russia related stories with historical backgrounds, and I also write love stories with historical backgrounds and with some surprising and thrilling aspects. I find writing fiction very fulfilling and artistically challenging, but I hope it will not become an obsession of mine and prevent me from engaging in other experiences.

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